Life without Windows, RHA headphones, PhotoLemur software, and more – Weekly roundup

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It’s Saturday evening, which means that it’s time to check out this week’s list of all the articles, news, and reviews that we posted on the Gadgeteer this week. Go grab a fizzy beverage and a sandwich, pull up your favorite chair, and check out the list.


Julie’s gadget diary – I just ordered an Essential Phone

Flixable is the best Netflix search tool around

Life without Windows, transitioning to iOS only


The Bosun Fleece: slick, new streetwear style from Mission Workshop

Reolink Argus 2 is a wireless security camera that can be placed anywhere

The Sonos Two bundle laughs in the face of the HomePod launch

Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your kettle on*

These small walnut blocks hold your cables with magnets

Use your laptop as an aromatherapy diffuser

Pick up a trunkful of hardcover Harry Potter books in dust jackets designed for each house at Hogwarts

Experience life in 3D with the Owl Sterescopic viewer

Nokia is removing a function from their Body Cardio scales by mandatory software update

Add a faucet to your laundry room when you buy a new clothes washer

Foldscope is a real microscope that’s made of paper

This portable Bluetooth speaker looks like a flaming torch

This murphy bed has gone to the dogs!

Are you Ready for Braven’s new speakers?

Warm your hands with this phone charger

Make your workouts feel like you’re in a video game

Nokia wants to watch you sleep and no, that’s not creepy at all

Dash cams, Ember Mug, headphones, Bluetooth earbuds, and more – Weekly roundup

You’ll feel like it’s the future when you use a Venus Qi charger

The Ignite ring is made of lava rock and glows

This Traveler mug is S’Well

Why pack your lunch when you could stack it?

Control your HomeKit devices with the Elgato Eve Button

Always have a stable place for your coffee cup and phone with this wooden arm rest table

Oberon Design’s Sonoma Tote carries your gear and does some good, too

Wine bottle not empty? Put a planet-sized cork in it!

Charge your Apple Watch with an iMac G3

Just like all books, this book will illuminate your life

Fight toe flab with the Foot Gym

This leather portfolio accommodates the person who uses paper and an iPad Pro

This murphy bed folds down into a console instead of requiring a full wall cabinet

LUNAR lets you explore the Moon in the palm of your hand


Sena Cases Isa Crossbody Leather Hand Bag for smartphones review

Keysmart Pro key holder plus Tile finder review

Shinola Canfield over-ear headphones review

ONOTONE Concrete and Bamboo iPhone X Case review

Winegard Elite 7550 Long Range Outdoor HDTV Antenna review

Tsumbay Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Headphone review

Roadie 2 guitar tuner review

Contour Design Unimouse mouse review

Ember Ceramic Mug review

Conbrov T17 Car Dash Cam review

Catsby food dish for cats, SHOTBOX photo studio, PITAKA Pixel 2 XL case, and more – Review updates

PhotoLemur v2.2 Spectre photo software review

Rowkin Micro wireless headphones review

Naztech Xtra Drive Mini review

RHA Dacamp L1 headphone amplifier and CL1 Ceramic in-ear headphone review

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