These small walnut blocks hold your cables with magnets

If you are regularly annoyed by cables that slide off your desk and fall on the floor when they aren’t plugged into a device like your phone or laptop, one solution is the Peel Base. These small blocks are made of walnut and are hand finished in New York. The Base comes in a selection of shapes that include a circle, pentagon, square, and triangle. A strong magnet is embedded in the base so it can hold cords when you’re not using them. Put it on your nightstand, desk, or anywhere you have an extra iPhone lightning cable, MacBook cable, and some other USB cables that you want to keep in place. The Peel Base is priced at $35 and is available at

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1 thought on “These small walnut blocks hold your cables with magnets”

  1. Does anyone beside me think this is an incredibly useful, beautiful, and elegant way to keep your cables from falling on the floor? I wish I’d thought of making them!

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