Welcome to part one of an on-going series where we tell you about the gear the we use on a daily basis. Today we have the favorite gear bags for five of our writers here on the Gadgeteer team. Enjoy! Larry Geisz My current gear bag is the Solo Altitude backpack. I reviewed this backpack… Read More

I’m having a first world style crisis today because I think I want to go back to Android. Am I crazy? Well yeah, that’s been established before now. But let me back up a bit… If you’ve been following along at home, you’ll remember that after years of using an Android smartphone, I recently switched… Read More

I left work early this afternoon just so I could go home and watch the iPhone X Apple event in real time instead of reading live streaming commentary from a big site like Gizmodo or The Verge. I started out watching it on my 12″ MacBook but a few minutes into it, I had a… Read More

If you are anything like me, finding something to use as an EDC isn’t always the easiest task.  Often I go through multiple options before finding the device, gadget, bag or in this case pocket knife that works for me.  I have drawers full of failed EDC ideas that didn’t work for me for one… Read More

[This is a guest post] When I was eight, I was quite convinced that my future kitchen would look like that of Caractacus Potts’s in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Why bother making breakfast, when a fantastical arrangement of Rube Goldberg machines could do it for you? While modern kitchens don’t resemble the creative contraptions imagined… Read More

I’ve been using a checkbook application on mobile devices ever since my first Palm Pilot. It was a simple application, probably cost me a dollar to download and didn’t come with many bells and whistles (and God forbid your battery died before syncing your Palm) but not having to bother with a handwritten checkbook register… Read More

You’ve no doubt been hearing about the total solar eclipse for many weeks now. It’s a big deal because it’s the first solar eclipse to cross the entire continental United States in 99 years. All this time, you have probably been telling yourself to read up on the subject and order some special solar eclipse glasses so you… Read More

I’ve been a devout Android user for close to 5 years after switching from an iPhone 4S to the Samsung Galaxy S III back in September 2012. Wow, that seems like forever ago. After I made that jump from iOS to Android, I fell hard for Android and every time after that when I would… Read More

It’s hard to believe that I started The Gadgeteer two decades ago back in August of 1997.  There are not very many blogs that can claim to be 20 years old and I’m proud of that fact and want to celebrate with a giveaway that includes gear from Audio Engine, Tom Bihn, Waterfield Design, Saddleback… Read More

The dog days of summer are upon us. That means if you’re a kid, it’s time to get outdoors and have some fun before the summer ends and it’s time to go back to school and if you’re an adult, it’s time to relax and act like a kid. Here are 5 gadgets that can… Read More

This past week I attended the Fiil Audio’s U.S. product launch in New York City. Fiil was debuting their signature headphones; the Canviis and Canviis Pro on-ear headphones, the Iicon over-ear headphone, and the Carat in-ear headphone. The event was held at 1 Hotel near Central Park. Fiil set up a separate listening room where I got… Read More

Being the Gadgeteer certainly has its perks. I’m very lucky that I get a chance to play with and test the latest and greatest gadgets. But what do I do with all those great gadgets and gizmos once my reviews have been published? I continue to use some products, but the ones I don’t use… Read More

Earlier in the week, Boy Genius Report posted a quick article with a picture/rendering/rumor of the soon to be announced Apple iPhone 8. Click on the BGR link and take a look. I’ll wait… Ok, now look at the image above. The screen shape, bezels, and top screen edge looks very similar, doesn’t it? What… Read More

Are you confused by the title of this post because you remember that I just purchased an LG G6 a few weeks ago? It’s true, I did buy one and I enjoyed using it… for awhile. Then a few bugs crawled in that annoyed me enough that I decided to return the phone while I was still… Read More

Here’s the scenario: I’m at home in the middle of the night sleeping, dreaming of eating doughnuts without guilt when suddenly I’m jolted out of my blissful reverie by my phone’s blaring emergency broadcast alert. I fumble around frantically to find my phone to determine the type of impending doom that’s about to befall me and… Read More