Shoulder bag

I’m a huge fan of backpacks and bags of all kinds, and one of my favorite bags with a shoulder strap is the Mission Rucksack by Toffee. I loved bringing that on the plane, but I have started using my iPad less and less, and I usually just bring my MacBook Pro on trips now… Read More

Colonel Littleton creates some of the finest bags I have ever had the privilege to carry my gear in. My 1943 Navigator bag has traveled the world with me and continues to be my EDC bag. It is a true workhorse and nearly bulletproof, receiving regular compliments as it grows old with me. But when the… Read More

One year ago I posted my review of Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag. Although I liked the bag, I didn’t make it my main bag until March of this year. Since then it has become my favorite gear bag that I carry every day. Peak Design followed up their successful Everyday Messenger Bag Kickstarter campaign… Read More

There are not many days that go by that I am not using some piece of Colonel Littleton gear to carry my tech/stuff with me. Day to day I use my Colonel Littleton No. 1943 Navigator Bag, when I travel I take my No. 2 Shave Kit, when I go away on an overnighter I use my No.1 Grip… Read More

A few weeks back, I reviewed the Collins vertical iPad/laptop bag from Brenthaven that I’d bought a while back for my iPad Air 2. I was looking for a similar bag for my iPad Pro. They now make one in that size, but I was hesitant. The two things I had mentioned that I would… Read More

Every adventure has its mundane aspects. Packing and getting there qualifies as mundane, if not downright unpleasant. It becomes even more of a challenge when strict weight and size limits are imposed as on my recent trip to the Rio Parismina Lodge in the jungles of Costa Rica, for a week of tarpon fishing.   The WaterField Designs…

San Francisco based WaterField Designs is celebrating 18 years of business with an update to their best-selling Cargo bag. This bag is a combination of a messenger bag and a briefcase and features the following updates: Padded laptop compartment Padded iPad/tablet compartment Waterproof zippers Rolling suitcase slot Easy-access phone pocket ​Seamless leather flap New ideal… Read More

I simply love nice bags almost as much as I love technology.  I need a good bag for work, but also for the weekends, since I love to load up my Macbook Pro, a camera and various notebooks depending on what I’m working on.  I had the opportunity to review the Case Logic LoDo satchel, so… Read More

I’ve given up on any hope for a paperless future, so I might as well carry all the documents I need for my day job in style along with the electronic devices I need.  For that, the Staad Attaché from Waterfield Designs suits my requirements.  It’s built to accommodate the iPad Pro, but until I win… Read More

We all have things that we need to carry around to accomplish our daily tasks, and if you are a gadget lover you end up with a lot of collected devices to carry around too. One of my fellow Gadgeteers, Dave Rees, has reviewed several of the Colonel Littleton leather bags for men and now… Read More

I am a bagoholic.  I have two closets filled with bags from waist packs, day bags, shoulder bags to camera backpacks.  Some of them date back a ways…I still have and use both a Roadwired Pod and Podzilla!  I am always on the lookout for that next bag that will hold what I need when… Read More

After several weeks of using the new Incase Reform Sling bag, I am conflicted by its unique design, its great organizational features, and its limitations because of the above.  The Reform sling bag was specifically designed to hold the new 12” MacBook.  While I do not have one of these MacBooks (I have a 13.3”… Read More

Keep Pursuing’s new KP Sling Bag is a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that launched today for what they are calling an Everyday Adventure bag. I call it a cross between a wallet and a messenger bag because it’s designed to be part of your EDC – Every Day Carry. Note: Images can be clicked to view… Read More

Those that have read my previous bag posts will realize that my main love of bags centres around messenger style bags.  That was until I started bike riding.  While a messenger is fine for short-haul commutes, for me they’re not stable or ergonomic enough for much longer rides.  As my fitness increases I find myself… Read More

Although I carry gear, I don’t carry a typical gear bag.  I don’t go to an office, so I don’t need a bag big enough to hold a laptop and other job necessities.  I just need a bag big enough to carry what I’ll need while I’m out.  I have some bags big enough to… Read More