My family and I love decorating the house during the holidays. Whether it’s animatronics, inflatables, or just good ole’ fashion lights, there are few things as fun as dressing up your home for the holidays. On the flip side, there are few things less enjoyable than putting away all your holiday decorations. It’s time consuming… Read More

Sometimes one portable audio is a bit more portable than other portable audio. What the heck am I talking about? I’m talking about little speakers, people. Really little. I’ve reviewed a few other portable speakers here at The Gadgeteer, and I’d had varying degrees of satisfaction with them, so I hadn’t really been looking to… Read More

There are times when you want your bag to be more than simply a sack to carry your laptop or loose items. You want it to act as a true accessory and complete your look, the way a nice belt or pair of shoes does. Nothing says sophistication like fine leather, and few do it… Read More

Do you brush your teeth at least two times a day, preferably right after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night? If you answered yes, good for you. If you answered no, I foresee dentures in your future. Seriously though, how do you make dental hygiene a habit and… Read More

Sonos One Review

I’m an avid Alexa user. I use Alexa to control my lights, my Dyson, and even my air conditioner. I even miss her when I’m staying at a hotel. But until now I’ve been using the Amazon Echo Dots and Echo Taps to boss her around. I also have two Sonos PLAY:1 speakers at home… Read More

When we are researching for places to spend our vacation, I always ask Jeanne to make sure that the place where we’ll be staying has internet access. Because perish the thought that I take a vacation where I can’t get a little Gadgeteer work done too. We went on our last vacation knowing that there… Read More

If you feel compelled to take your phone out of your pocket to snap pictures and record videos throughout your day, a device like the FrontRow camera might save you a lot of time because this camera automatically records your adventures so you can leave your phone in your pocket.  What is it? FrontRow is a… Read More

My favorite type of gear bag is a backpack, especially if you need to carry your items around for long durations of time. My favorite type of backpack is a high-quality leather backpack and thus, I was eager to review the Pad & Quill Roll Top Leather Backpack. While using this backpack over the last… Read More

As someone who travels a lot I often find myself in situations where my phone or other device is low or out of power and a wall outlet is not readily available.  Before I travel, I meticulously charge my phones (I carry a personal and a work phone), my headphones, iPad, and computer.  Where these… Read More

One reason I enjoy reviewing portable Bluetooth speakers is that it’s fun to watch how companies try to one-up the competition with materials, innovative features or just plain ole’ audio quality. And sometimes, a company will come along and introduce all three elements into a single speaker. The V-Moda Remix Wireless Speaker contains more like… Read More

When it comes to day trips and travel days, I’ve been using the same portable battery pack for years to keep my phone topped off. During that time, battery packs have become not only smaller but pack more power into that smaller unit. Belkin offered their Pocket Power 5,000mAh portable charger to review and I… Read More

A simple, well-designed backpack can be a thing of beauty. When we reviewed the Alpine Division McKenzie backpack in 2016, we liked it quite a bit. The new 2017 edition is even better, with improvements to the design and materials that enhance the usability and durability of this simple, functional backpack. There are also ducks… Read More

I’ve never been this excited about a clock, probably because normally there isn’t much to get excited about for me personally.  A desk or wall clock is supposed to serve one primary function, displaying the time. The secondary function of a clock, at least the way I see it is also to be decorative.  Until now, I don’t think… Read More

You love our reviews and we love writing them. To provide even more value, we like to update our past reviews on a regular basis so you will know how the products stand the test of time. Today we have a new batch of review updates from Kathleen and Howard. Click through to see the… Read More

There are several considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a home security camera. Do you want a cloud-based camera or a camera that saves footage locally? Do you want to be able to live stream via a mobile device? Do you need an expandable system? Do you need a camera that can pan… Read More

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