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AlphaCool instant cooling towels review

REVIEW – As an avid fan and reviewer of audio products, I got the opportunity to review … towels. Yes, towels. Unexciting, right? Well, it depends on how you look at it. What is it? AlphaCool instant cooling towels are a series of absorbent towels made of different materials that provide extra cooling during hot …

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Floyds of Leadville CBD recovery protein powder review

REVIEW – I workout 3 times a week and immediately after each workout, I drink a protein shake. Why? Because taking in protein after a workout starts the repair process on the muscles that you just thrashed. Even though I drink protein after every workout, about 75% of the time, my muscles will be somewhat …

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AirTV review

REVIEW – There seems to be a big movement across the United States by many folks that want to cut the cord and get the programming they need for an affordable cost. I am one of those folks, especially since in recent times, my cable bill has ballooned to a cost that I can only …

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Royole RoWrite Smart Writing Pad review

REVIEW – It can be argued that digital notetaking is infinitely better than writing notes on regular paper because digital notes are always backed up, easily searchable, and can be edited. But what can you do if you want to switch to digital notetaking or journaling, but you also don’t want to give up the …

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Lululook Canvas Backpack for men review

REVIEW – Convertible bags are great, but they also present a tricky design challenge to make sure the bag works in both vertical (backpack) and horizontal (messenger) mode. Today we’re looking at Lululook’s take on the convertible backpack/messenger bag. There are ‘s a lot of interesting  design happening here. How does the whole package come …

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iFrogz Cocoon earbud charging case review

REVIEW – With the move from wired earbuds to wireless, there is one issue that we have to all deal with: How do you transport and charge these tiny wireless gadgets? Well, iFrogz is glad you asked. They have developed a rigid container that will hold most wireless earbuds on the market, as well as …

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