If you are a frequent traveler like I am, you probably have a pretty high standard for your suitcases and travel gear.  I am no different.  I travel 25-50% of my time for my job and finding that perfect bag for those 2-4 day trips has been an ongoing quest.  I have quite a collection… Read More

The minute I powered on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and started using it, I felt the urge to ditch my iPhone 7 Plus and go running back to Android. But am I still feeling that way after using it as my primary device for the past 5 days?  Check out my earlier posts in this… Read More

I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 since last Friday and what started out the type of infatuation that you feel when you meet a new love interest that shares your same interests, has cooled down to the type of friendship that you have with someone you’ve known for years. You really like that… Read More

Wireless audio: Folks like their music, podcasts, audio books and other sonic entertainment and information, and increasingly they the delivery method to be small, lightweight and long-lasting. I’ve reviewed several models of Bluetooth earbuds here at The Gadgeteer over the past few years, and I’m still searching for that elusive set that works best for… Read More

On Friday I posted my first day impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and I’m back with a few more thoughts after spending the weekend with this phone. So go check out day 1 and then come back for more.  Check out my other posts in this series: Samsung Galaxy Note8 review (day 1) Samsung… Read More

Ever since I purchased my first HDTV I’ve been fascinated with Home theater products. Over the years I’ve owned several TVs and every year they got bigger, smarter, and all with better resolution. One thing I never considered purchasing was a home theater projector. But, when I got the chance to review this incredibly compact theater-grade… Read More

If you require very strong prescription eyewear like I do (-9.00 and beyond for me), you know that the options for sunglasses are slim. Besides clip-ons, what else is there? has a wide selection of nearly every major brand of stylish frames plus knowledgeable staff to help you make your prescription sunglasses become reality… Read More

Yesterday I posted a gadget diary entry where I professed my immediate love (lust?) for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Today I turned off my iPhone 7 Plus, set up the Note8, and started using it as my primary device. Have my feelings changed already? Let’s find out with my multi-part diary style review.  Check out… Read More

Those of us who spend a lot of time plugging away on the computer are learning more and more about the health benefits of standing desks. While there are lots of options out there to get up off of your chair, electric desks provide the added benefit of being adjustable at the push of a… Read More

My angle grinder was stolen from my garage (it was a condo, shared space) along with some other tools. Now that I have my own garage, I had a chance to try out the Tacklife AGK31AC 6.3-amp angle grinder to see if it would make a worthy replacement. Specifications: Amps: 6.3 amps Rating: 120 volts… Read More

The Card Wallet from Discommon Goods is about as minimal as you can get while still being able to call it a wallet, and personally, I love that about it. I have a deep appreciation for clean aesthetics and simplicity, and this feels like the distillation of what one would need from a wallet —… Read More

The FIIL CANVIIS Pro wireless noise-canceling headphones have some unique features and great sound quality, but with a spotty app and plenty of similarly featured cheaper options on the market, you might be better off waiting until the price comes down a bit. The high price tag of the FIIL CANVIIS Pro is definitely reflected… Read More

I know I’ve said this many times in my articles throughout the years, but I’ll say it again… my favorite part of the day is opening the mailbox or seeing packages left on my front porch when I get home. If you don’t get interesting mail that excites you, Geek Fuel monthly mystery boxes could… Read More

Today I have five review updates to new and old reviews, with the newest one having been posted last month in August and the oldest update on a review twelve years ago. Click through to see the recently updated reviews. You’ll find the updates at the bottom of each page. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock review… Read More

With smartphones gradually evolving to pack more technology into the same space, become sturdier and waterproof, manufacturers have removed the ubiquitous and familiar 1/8” stereo/microphone jack. While his innovation is somewhat controversial, at least for the mean time, dongles of various shapes and sizes have entered the scene permitting users to enjoy their “traditional” headphones… Read More