I seem to have jumped head first into a vat of Apple kool-aid. First I bought an iPhone 7 Plus and then I bought an iPad Pro 10.5. New Apple devices mean new device accessories so I’ve been trying out cases for the iPhone and now I want to show you the Patchworks PureCover 2017 Smart… Read More

         The Color Doctor is an “As Seen On TV” product that promises a better solution for quick, easy home monitoring of your heart rate and blood pressure. It’s certainly as easy to use (and read) as advertised. But is it worth purchasing? Let’s go find out! A Caution about Wrist-Based Blood Pressure… Read More

The Furbo Dog Camera is a fun way to monitor and interact with your pet remotely. At $249, it’s a little more expensive than most similar remote pet feeders, but it does have some extra features like bark detection, night vision, and a stylish design. The Furbo arrives in a nicely design box which displays… Read More

If you are a serious console gamer you have probably heard of Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach has been one of best-known gaming headset makers around. If you’re not a gamer you may not understand the importance of having a good headset, especially when playing PVP (Player VS Player) type games. I will admit that I… Read More

I have celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune condition that affects about one in every 100 people. When I eat gluten – think pizza, pasta, bread, cake and cookies – my body revolts against the enemy intruder and starts attacking itself, resulting in a number of seemingly unrelated and ugly reactions from which I’ll spare you… Read More

We’re in the middle of remodeling the exterior of our house. It had wood painted wood siding and it’s currently (I can hear the contractors hammering right now…) getting vinyl siding. As luck would have it, a few weeks ago SANSI contacting me to ask if I might like to review their 30W LED Security Motion… Read More

You Gadgeteers all remember wired earbuds, right? What am I saying – everyone gets a pair of these with their phone, even if it’s an iPhone 7 with no headphone jack! The quality of those bundled earbuds, however, can vary widely. ThinkSound has been doing a lot of work on improving the sound of headphones… Read More

When I think high-end luxury leather phone cases, a couple brands come to mind like Vaja and Orbino. So how is that I’ve never heard of or seen the leather cases from Alto? If you’ve never seen them either, let me introduce you to what might be your next favorite iPhone 7 Plus case. What is… Read More

“Selfie Sticks” were all the rage a few years back. And although the craze has dwindled a bit, they are still in use and can definitely still be useful, especially in certain situations. Our family had tried a selfie stick a few years back, but we were very unimpressed with it—it had a cable that… Read More

When drones first started becoming popular, they were big bulky quad copters with large GoPro sized cameras and people mostly used them for cool landscape videos. People still use drones to shoot landscape shots, but a newer category of drones has been designed for taking a more personal type of photography – the selfie. Now… Read More

When it comes to speakers, the saying goes: the louder the better. But sometimes loud isn’t good enough. Sometimes you want that bass to hit, or better yet, feel the rumbling lows that we don’t typically get from ordinary speakers. Of course, our typical everyday speakers can achieve the high tones in the music but… Read More

How often have you tried to spread butter on toast, a baked potato, bread, etc, only to find out that it’s just too cold and hard to spread? Yeah, I know, first world problems. But it is a real problem that could use a solution. One company invented the biēm butter sprayer to solve this issue. Let’s… Read More

I have been a digital photographer for over 15 years now. I started with the equivalent of an Instamatic, and moved up to a prosumer, then full DSLR cameras. I have bought and sold lenses, filters, and other equipment. While I don’t pretend to know how to adjust f-stops and ISO for challenging conditions, I… Read More

After reviewing a handful of portable Bluetooth speakers, I’ve found that some really appeal to me like the UE Megaboom because of its great sound quality (it has some bass!) and long battery life among other things, but others like the Logitech x300 do not. The Logitech x300 tends to dampen mid and upper frequencies when bass… Read More

The majority of fitness trackers on the market have been designed to be worn on the wrist like a watch or worn at the waist clipped to a belt. But today, I am going to show you the ŌURA fitness tracker that is worn on your finger like a ring.  What is it? ŌURA is… Read More