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Every once in a while, a gadget comes along that, at first glance at least, appears to be basically superfluous and unnecessary…but cool and fun, nonetheless. That was exactly what I thought when I first saw the Power Practical Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting. Heck, just the name “Luminoodle” had my attention. Truth be told, I’d… Read More

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Way back in 2012, we posted a news article about the Spoke Pencil, which at the time was the first foray into Kickstarter campaigns for inventor, designer and maker, Brian Conti. Brian has since launched several brands and Kickstarter campaigns which all sprang from the success of his original Spoke Pencil. Brian has recently released… Read More

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I don’t have an Apple Watch (yet), but if I did, I’ll probably have it in a Catalyst Waterproof Case to protect it. Why do I mention this? Because I don’t have a pair of Apple AirPods (yet), but if I did, I’d probably have them in a Catalyst Waterproof Case for AirPods, as shown… Read More

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Fortune may favor the prepared, but sometimes survival depends on it. PACELid grew out of this philosophy when creator Chris Way, a backpacking, mountaineering and all-around adventure expert, thought about how he could customize his gear to make it more useful. He realized that one of his pieces of kit—his Nalgene bottle—was with him at all… Read More

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I like multi-functional gadgets, ones that can serve multiple purposes. I stumbled upon the Dango Hook and Wall Mount, and they seem to fit that bill.  The Hook portion is in the shape of a capital letter “C” and machined (in the USA) from aluminum. It allows you to hang your bag or purse all… Read More

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Sometimes one portable audio is a bit more portable than other portable audio. What the heck am I talking about? I’m talking about little speakers, people. Really little. I’ve reviewed a few other portable speakers here at The Gadgeteer, and I’d had varying degrees of satisfaction with them, so I hadn’t really been looking to… Read More

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I’ve tried a few über-protective cases for my iPhones, with mixed results. Most have protected well, but their downfall is often a thick, plastic, built-in screen protector that severely reduces the touch-sensitivity of the screen.  Perhaps Case Boss has solved that with their Heavy Duty Protective iPhone Case. In addition to being armored against bumps, drops… Read More

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I’ve posted on this before: I don’t (yet) own an Apple Watch. When they were first released, I thought they looked very stylish but delicate, and I felt that I’d be afraid to engage in the types of heavy-duty fitness and other activities that I tend to favor. But as usual, 3rd-party companies have stepped… Read More

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I’ve been trying to get better about staying hydrated throughout the day. In addition to the fitness and health benefits, I just feel better when I’m hydrated. To that end, I’ve been on the lookout for unique containers to carry water, and I stumbled on Memobottle. Its unique shape is what caught my eye. Memobottle… Read More

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Always on the lookout for small items that I can use in an emergency, I happened upon the Midori Memorandum Card and just had to share it. Made by Midori in Japan, these tiny 31-page notepads are only 2.25 x 3.33 x 0.1 inches, which makes them about the footprint of a standard credit card… Read More

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The quest continues! For my perfect set of wireless earbuds, that is. Well, for me, anyway. I’ve tried out multiple products, but none has been the “perfect” one yet. Would the Smartomi ACE Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds be “the” ones? With their small size and charging storage case, they looked sleek and all, but would they survive… Read More

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As with many of us Gadgeteers, most especially our fearless Gadgeteer-in-Chief, Julie, I like writing implements of all kinds, but I really like pens. Something about a well designed and built pen elevates the experience of handwriting, which feels increasingly like a lost art, to a higher plane of enjoyment.  That said, I’ve been a… Read More

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I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a leather wallet guy these days.  I typically find them to be a bit on the thicker and bulkier side, and I’ve become more of a minimalist wallet EDCer.  But something about this JooJoobs American Flag Wallet drew me in.  America may not be perfect, but I love… Read More

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I’m a big fan of space-saving EDC tools, and if you are too, have a look at the Bit Bar from BIGiDESIGN, maker of lots of cool and useful EDC items. The Bit Bar is essentially a slim, compact screwdriver that carries its own bits in a spring-loaded, magnetic rack inside it. Just push on… Read More

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Wireless audio: Folks like their music, podcasts, audio books and other sonic entertainment and information, and increasingly they the delivery method to be small, lightweight and long-lasting. I’ve reviewed several models of Bluetooth earbuds here at The Gadgeteer over the past few years, and I’m still searching for that elusive set that works best for… Read More

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