iPhone Case

I recently switched to an iPhone 7 Plus which means I’ve been on the hunt for cases that will protect my expensive phone from scratches and falls, but aren’t overly bulky. I asked the folks at RhinoShield if they could send me one of their Crashguard Bumper cases because I am a minimal kinda girl. They… Read More

When I think high-end luxury leather phone cases, a couple brands come to mind like Vaja and Orbino. So how is that I’ve never heard of or seen the leather cases from Alto? If you’ve never seen them either, let me introduce you to what might be your next favorite iPhone 7 Plus case. What is… Read More

The new SLXtreme iPhone 7 Plus case from SnowLizard lives up to its name if it actually lives up to its specs. This is a case that has been designed for the outdoor adventurer. The case offers military grade ruggedness to protect the phone from dirt, sand, dust, and water (up to 6.6 ft). It… Read More

Phone cases can be a highly personal thing. People have all sorts of requirements for what they want in a phone case, color, size and even features. For me, I like a case that can meet my daily needs as well as my travel needs, as an example my current case the Dog&Bone Backbone case… Read More

See my iPhone on the wall above my monitor in the image above? Is it stuck there with magnets? Nope. Velcro? Nope. Tape? Nope. Magic? Kinda. It’s the GOATcase Anti-Gravity iPhone 7 Plus case. Let’s find out more. What is it? GOATcase is a weird name for an iPhone case. It actually stands for Greatest… Read More

With so many wonderful exercise tracking apps on smartphones these days, it seems like a waste of a good run to leave it at home. The trouble is finding a safe way to take it with you. Luckily, there are much better options than pocketing your device and having it slap against your thigh for… Read More

Let’s all face the truths that smartphones are expensive, somewhat delicate, and some of us who use them on a daily basis can put them through varying amounts of abuse. I happen to be one such user. I’m not particularly clumsy or careless with my iPhone 6 Plus; quite the opposite, in fact. However, some… Read More

A little over a week ago I switched from Android to iOS by buying an iPhone 7 Plus. While I was at the Verizon store, I had them install a screen protector to protect the screen from scratches, but I didn’t get a case to protect the back of the phone because I thought I… Read More

I typically do not have a case on my iPhone, preferring the natural feel of the smartphone itself. But I do worry a bit about buggering my very expensive tech-toy due to my desire to use it naked. I sometimes use a case when I’m feeling conservative but most feel so bulky and in the… Read More

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with putting a bulky case on my beloved iPhone because she’s just too beautiful to keep covered up.  To me it would be like putting on a fresh face full of makeup, then putting a bag over your head when you leave the house. What’s the point… Read More

Summer is so close that I can almost taste it. What does summer taste like? Grilled hamburgers and a cold beer. That’s why a bottle cap opener is the most important tool of summer, so here’s an iPhone case that makes sure you’ll always have one on hand. Wait, what? Toddy Gear has just launched… Read More

Take a look at your phone. I mean, really look at it. Chances are if you’ve purchased or acquired a new phone in the last few years, it’s shiny and sleek and svelte. Or at least it was until you put that bulky case on it. Do we really need to wrap our sexy communication devices… Read More

Sneakerheads rejoice there’s finally an iPhone case for you! Nike has introduced two new cases for Apple iPhone 7. Both new cases are modeled after the outsoles of two of Nikes most popular and iconic shoes. The Air Force 1 basketball shoe and the Roshe running shoe.  Each hard case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane… Read More

Most of us need to stay connected to their iPhones when we exercise. You shouldn’t take calls and texts on the gym floor (except in emergencies), but music and workout apps are essential to many of our fitness regimens. The Wonderful Things Factory (WTFactory for short) has designed an iPhone case that’s a unique alternative… Read More

It has been quite a while since I have reviewed anything from Orbino. I had forgotten how nicely done their leather products are. So much so, that you almost need a case or carrying bag to carry the case that is protecting your smart device…silly as that sounds. Their products are “made entirely by hand… Read More