Bluetooth headphones

There are a lot of different styles of Bluetooth headphones on the market today. On-the-ear, over-the-ear, and in-ear are the most common. Personally, I own a pair of on-the-ear Sports headphones that I use when I go to the gym or walk my dog. I even have a pair of earbuds that I only use when… Read More

Ever since I began reviewing Braven’s Bluetooth speakers, I’ve always told my friends that because Braven knows Bluetooth so well, they should make a headphone. Well, now they have—the Braven Signature Wireless Headphone. Braven’s slogan is “Music On, World Off.” Engineered with active noise canceling technology, their Signature Headphones deliver 32 hours of audio. An… Read More

Bowers & Wilkins are known by their extremely accurate speakers and comfortable and warm sounding headphones. Recently, they’ve ventured into the wireless world with the excellent P5 Wireless headphone. Now, B&W has upped the ante with their first noise canceling headphone, the PX with aptX HD Bluetooth. The B&W PX is a “smart” headphone that… Read More

The FIIL CANVIIS Pro wireless noise-canceling headphones have some unique features and great sound quality, but with a spotty app and plenty of similarly featured cheaper options on the market, you might be better off waiting until the price comes down a bit. The high price tag of the FIIL CANVIIS Pro is definitely reflected… Read More

With smartphones gradually evolving to pack more technology into the same space, become sturdier and waterproof, manufacturers have removed the ubiquitous and familiar 1/8” stereo/microphone jack. While his innovation is somewhat controversial, at least for the mean time, dongles of various shapes and sizes have entered the scene permitting users to enjoy their “traditional” headphones… Read More

Consumers’ personal preference and manufacturers’ desire to offer differentiated products has lead to an assortment of earphone styles: earbuds, in-ear headphones, in-ear-canal headphones, etc. If the different ways earphones are connected to the audio source or supported by the body are considered then the list stacks multiplicatively. So when V-MODA recently announced the Forza Metallo Wireless as… Read More

Genius or total overkill? We can’t decide. The Sphere from Motorola is a spherical speaker that does double duty as a headphone stand. More specifically, it comes with a pair of wireless headphones that are designed to snap right into it when not in use. This is 2-in-1 at its finest, or so Motorola says… Read More

I’ve reviewed many of Focal’s headphones and am continually impressed how this French speaker company allows its innovative—and expensive—audio expertise trickle down into their less expensive products. Case in point: the Focal Listen Wireless headphone. The interesting thing about this headphone is that it’s Focal’s first wireless headphone (they also have a wireless Spark earphone)… Read More

There is no shortage of Bluetooth headphones on the market. You can find them for less than $25 on the low end of the pricing spectrum, and to several hundred dollars on the extreme opposite end. What features justify the price for higher end Bluetooth headphones, earphones, and earbuds and would you spend $150 for… Read More

In 2015, I had the privilege (and it was a privilege) to review Master & Dynamic’s new MH40 headphone. At the time, nothing else looked like them. The MH40 has that classic, timeless look—like they’ve been around for many years, yet they were a brand new headphone from a brand new company. The MH40’s combination… Read More

It takes a lot of confidence to name an earphone a “Pro” model. That simple three-letter word sets up all kinds of expectations. Flare doesn’t make many products—one model of consumer speakers, ear plugs for noise protection, a line of pro speakers and now the Flares Pro wireless earphones. As Flare states, “New wireless earphones… Read More

Focal is a premium French speaker company who’s products are sometimes priced into the stratosphere. Their Utopia headphones are a cool $4,000 and many audio experts have said they are the best headphones available today. But let’s face it, you probably can’t drop that kind of money on headphones. No problem, because Focal is now… Read More

Headphones that sound as good as they look are rare. Master & Dynamic headphones are an exception. The MH40 headphones are classically designed, impeccably made and sound really good. I’m now testing their wireless MW50 headphones and am liking what I’m hearing. A full review is coming soon. That said, Master & Dynamic has taken… Read More

2017 is turning out to be a big year for headphones. And no one has had a bigger year than Blue with three new headphones introduced this year alone. The Blue Sadie is a more than a worthy successor to the original Mo-Fi and the hand-made Ella is Blue’s first attempt at a planar magnetic… Read More

I am on a never ending search, a search to find the perfect set of headphones. I know for most folks that may be a simple proposition, just buy the best headphones on the market. But what qualifies as the best and besides as I have some other qualifications besides sound, I need to be… Read More