Bluetooth speaker

One reason I enjoy reviewing portable Bluetooth speakers is that it’s fun to watch how companies try to one-up the competition with materials, innovative features or just plain ole’ audio quality. And sometimes, a company will come along and introduce all three elements into a single speaker. The V-Moda Remix Wireless Speaker contains more like… Read More

Bose wants you to ditch your uncomfortable earbuds and over-ear headphones that cut you off from your surroundings for their SoundWear Companion Speaker. The SoundWear wearable speaker features a unique hands-free and ears-free design that allows it to fit comfortably on your shoulders for all day music enjoyment. The speaker is water and sweat resistant… Read More

Ooooh boy, Vivitar is either trying to be funny, or they need to seriously get a clue. Their Jam Bag Wireless Speaker Fanny Pack is… well, I can only think of one word to describe it. Hideous. Yeah, that’s the word. It features a stars and stripes pattern that is great if you’re feeling really… Read More

First off let me proudly say that my college days of throwing obnoxiously loud house parties where the sheer volume of the party may or may not have attracted the presence law enforcement are far behind me.  Because of this, I no longer need the biggest, loudest most industrial looking speakers that appear that they were taken out… Read More

You gotta love promotional videos for outdoor Bluetooth speakers. There always seems to be young, beautiful people in great shape running and laughing near water. Reality is more like an overweight guy (me) plopping himself down on Cocoa Beach and sweating in the humidity and heat while my beautiful wife complains that the music is… Read More

Genius or total overkill? We can’t decide. The Sphere from Motorola is a spherical speaker that does double duty as a headphone stand. More specifically, it comes with a pair of wireless headphones that are designed to snap right into it when not in use. This is 2-in-1 at its finest, or so Motorola says… Read More

There are lots of cheap Bluetooth speakers out there that get the job done. Style does matter, however, and there are times when you also want something that also looks good. If that’s your thing, the Archeer Portable Bluetooth Speaker is worth your consideration. Not only does it look good, but it performs really well… Read More

Chances are that you own a Bluetooth speaker. I bet there’s also a good chance that your Bluetooth speaker’s battery is dead when you want to use it to play some of your favorite tunes. With the E.TUNES Bluetooth Speaker from Renogy, that won’t be a problem for you ever again because the E.TUNES is… Read More

When it comes to speakers, the saying goes: the louder the better. But sometimes loud isn’t good enough. Sometimes you want that bass to hit, or better yet, feel the rumbling lows that we don’t typically get from ordinary speakers. Of course, our typical everyday speakers can achieve the high tones in the music but… Read More

After reviewing a handful of portable Bluetooth speakers, I’ve found that some really appeal to me like the UE Megaboom because of its great sound quality (it has some bass!) and long battery life among other things, but others like the Logitech x300 do not. The Logitech x300 tends to dampen mid and upper frequencies when bass… Read More

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days. Finding one to meet your particular set of requirements is a tough job. Aukey has recently entered this market with a tough nicely sized unit that integrates speakerphone functions as well as weatherproofing and long battery life – the SK-M12 SoundTank. I was sent one… Read More

I have always been a fan of cheap, useful gadgets. Sure, there are Bluetooth speakers on the market that are worth hundreds of dollars, but what about for those who are on a budget? Archeer came out with their A110 slim, portable Bluetooth speaker which has quite a low price for what it offers. Curiously… Read More

When you hear the word concrete the last thing that probably comes to mind is a Bluetooth speaker. But with Utopia’s Titan concrete speaker that’s precisely what you get. Designed by Utopia Audio founder Gedeon Ory, the speaker boasts clean lines and subtle accents.  Titan is a 60Watt Bluetooth speaker with a really sleek industrial, but modern… Read More

It’s summertime again, and that means pool parties, camping, canoe trips, picnics, and barbecues. But what’s a great summer get-together without a killer soundtrack? There’s just one problem… how are you going to get everyone to actually hear that bangin’ playlist you spent all day making? Ditch the awkward phone-in-a-cup sound hack and stop worrying… Read More

Here we go again, another season, another Fugoo speaker. Fugoo is a wireless Bluetooth speaker maker that has always been just outside  the heavily advertised mainstream of Beats, JBL or Bose. That’s too bad, because Fugoo consistently makes some of the best wireless speakers available. For this long, hot summer of 2017, Fugoo has improved… Read More