Do you march to the beat of your own drum, not satisfied to blend in with the rest of the world around you? Then you are going to love these unique backpacks from MadPax. These bags are not your average run of the mill boring black Walmart special backpacks that all your friends are carrying… Read More

After what seemed like an endless winter, including a late-season snowstorm that dumped a foot and a half of snow, we’re finally starting to see some decent weather. And all that sun and warmth has put one thing on my mind… long hikes on one of the many trails in the area. One of the… Read More

Why another backpack review from me you ask? I may ask myself the same question. I do have several excellent backpacks that I have reviewed in the past such as the Razer Tactical Gaming backpack and the Altego 17″ Polygon Sunfire backpack to name a few. While these two backpacks are great for carrying a… Read More

We get it. You don’t like to be tethered to some workstation just to get through your daily workload. What if you could throw your office on your back, take your work with you and keep your mobile devices charged by harnessing the energy of that glowing ball of exploding gas in the sky? Enter… Read More

As a home educator, sometimes I have to teach while out and about. During such times, I carry my teaching materials with me in a backpack. Some inexpensive backpacks don’t last very long while other more expensive backpacks last longer. One thing seems to be true of most of them – they all tend to… Read More

My family and I really enjoy traveling. Whether it’s a day trip or a week-long adventure, there are few things better than a little getaway. As a family of tech enthusiasts, everyone has their favorite gadget(s) they want to bring on a trip. Most of the time, we need immediate access to our gadgets and… Read More

When it comes to backpacks, you can never have too many, right?  Especially if you are a student, or a frequent traveler, or a wandering nomad.  Brevite makes a line of bags that are designed especially for folks who regularly carry photography equipment, but I find that their bags are great for just about anyone… Read More

Bags, bags, and more bags!  I love a good bag to carry all of my EDC (Every Day Carry) gear. The Alpine Division McKenzie backpack is inspired by a 70’s rucksack with its leather lashing squares and nylon material, but with a modern pop of color and style. When I saw the Alpine Division McKenzie backpack in… Read More

I’m pretty much a minimalist, grateful for pockets so I don’t have to carry a bag every day. But for the last month, I’ve been using the MOS Charging Backpack. Have I become a convert to having it with me always? It is especially targeted to travelers with multiple devices. Will I use it next… Read More

Ready to set down some serious cash on a drone? Most models retail for about $1,000, and whether they are on the ground or in the air, they are delicate gadgets. After reading Dennis’s review of the Lowepro RidgeLine Pro, I clicked over to the Lowepro page and saw they recently introduced this beast: the DroneGuard BP… Read More

I really enjoy traveling, and have a collection of items I want quick access to when on the go. For this reason, I’m always on the lookout for a really great backpack. I have previously reviewed a couple of great backpacks, but I’d really like to have one for work gadgets, around the house gadgets… Read More

I’m sure that when you travel, you want to have your chargers, cables, portable batteries, earbuds, etc. all organized and easily accessible. Cocoon makes that possible with the Urban Adventure Convertible Carry-on Travel Backpack. This bag has a waterproof rugged waxed canvas exterior and you can use it as a backpack (the shoulder straps are… Read More

After my first child was born I went out and purchased a DSLR camera. My wife and I weren’t impressed with the pictures our pocket camera was taking and wanted to properly document the childhood of Earth’s future ruler. After my second child was born, we purchased extra batteries and memory cards. We needed the… Read More

Look, I like big ol’, voluminous backpacks for hauling my gear as much as the next Gadgeteer. But sometimes you only need to carry minimal gear and want to be subtle and stealthy, like a gear ninja. For those missions, the crowdfunded Betabrand Under-the-Jack Pack might be essential. Betabrand designed this ultra-slim backpack to literally… Read More

The RiutBag is a backwards backpack. What exactly is that? It is a backpack where the zipper is located nearest to your back to ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure. This uniquely designed backpack has a foam-lined pocket that will carry a 15-inch laptop (the pocket is located against your back) and has… Read More