I’m a big fan of space-saving EDC tools, and if you are too, have a look at the Bit Bar from BIGiDESIGN, maker of lots of cool and useful EDC items. The Bit Bar is essentially a slim, compact screwdriver that carries its own bits in a spring-loaded, magnetic rack inside it. Just push on… Read More

The Foursevens Bolt – Action Light ditches traditional tail cap or side switch for a sliding bolt mechanism. Featuring three brightness levels and four special output modes, the Bolt – Action Light is powered by two CR2 batteries that keep the CREE XM-L2 LED shining bright. The flashlight has a max brightness of 490 lumens… Read More

EDC fans love their gear, but sometimes they run out of pockets to carry that gear. READYMAN offers a genius solution. It’s their EDC Belt Sleeve and it adds a little extra storage space at your waist. The READYMAN EDC Belt Sleeve is a low profile ballistic stretch nylon tube that fits over your existing… Read More

What makes a perfect EDC pocket pen? Is it the size of the pen, the material the pen is made of, the type of refill it uses, or something else? There are many EDC pens on the market that you can choose from and the Telescopic Pen from True Utility is another one to add… Read More

If you are anything like me, finding something to use as an EDC isn’t always the easiest task.  Often I go through multiple options before finding the device, gadget, bag or in this case pocket knife that works for me.  I have drawers full of failed EDC ideas that didn’t work for me for one… Read More

Nine times out of ten, when we get offers to review cases, bags, ear buds, etc, that come in more than one color, the male members of The Gadgeteer always choose black. Are guys afraid of a little color because it’s not considered manly? If that’s the case, then the Swiza D03 ALLBLACK knife has… Read More

Why use your pockets when you can hang all your EDC gear from your belt? You know, like Batman. KILLSPENCER lets you live that dream with their new Utility Belt. See, they even used the same name. The KILLSPENCER Utility Belt is a handcrafted, made in the USA (Los Angeles) bull hide leather belt that… Read More

Fisher Space Pens haven’t been on my radar for awhile, but I happened to see an image of one on Pinterest the other day that reminded me of an updated version of the Inka Pen that I reviewed over 10 years ago. So I clicked over to the Fisher Space Pen site and was greeted… Read More

I don’t want to stereotype an entire gender, but I feel like it’s safe to say that when given a choice of colors for gadgets and tools, a typical male will almost always choose black. If you’re one of those typical males and are looking for a new multi-tool, look no further than the Victorinox… Read More

Here’s a cool and relatively inexpensive EDC accessory for those of you that already carry a BIC lighter. The LighterBro is a slide on sleeve for standard sized “BIC” lighters that adds multi-tool functionality. LighterBro has four tools that include a pair of spring-loaded scissors, a razor sharp knife blade, micro screwdriver/poker, and a bottle… Read More

This Is Ground is known for leather carry accessories that are handmade in Los Angeles, California. The new Connoisseur collection introduces updated designs wrapped in a new series of luxurious Italian leathers. This Is Ground’s product line offers a unique take on refined small-carry items and modular folios that can be customized based on your… Read More

The word “multi-tool” has become a household term since Leatherman marketed the original PST, Pocket Survival Tool, in 1983. I bought my first one in 1984 to replace a backpack full of tools that were required to bring to all of my engineering labs, making for a very heavy backpack. Since then, multi-tools have become… Read More

The Sync II from SOG is a multi-tool that you don’t carry your pocket or dangle from your belt because it’s been designed to replace the belt buckle on your favorite belt. The SOG Sync II folds up into a rectangular form that is not unlike the Swiss+Tech Mega-Max that I told you about a… Read More

Hello, friends! Welcome to Bob’s EDC update. I am always on the go for work and I am obsessive about functional design, so I’m constantly tweaking my toolsets to optimize my daily carry. Here’s the go-to list of items that find their way into my daily EDC! (Note: I’ve included links to all the items on… Read More

I’m an EDC fanatic and am always on the lookout for cool but useful gear that I can carry with me on a daily basis. But I don’t like just any gear. My favorite EDC products have to be small but awesome. The Folding Coin Knife from BucknBear ticks both of those boxes. This coin-sized… Read More