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If you’re replacing a big, clunky thermostat with a Nest, you may find yourself with a patch of unpainted or un-wallpapered wall that the Nest isn’t going to cover.  If you aren’t aware that Nest comes with a rectangular white plate to cover up such things ( ahem…) or you want a different look, perhaps… Read More

There’s a creeper in my garage! A tool creeper that is. Like many shade tree mechanics, I am plagued with tools and loose items rolling around my garage floor. The Mychanic Tool Creeper aims to help that problem. Manufactured from durable ABS plastic Dimensions (Tray): 24″ tall x 20″ across x 20″ deep Dimensions (Casters)… Read More

Samsung has been making a name for themselves lately by taking kitchen appliances and transforming them into essentially gigantic gadgets – for example, their Family Hub 2.0 smart fridge has a large touchscreen display at the center of it which helps transform the fridge into the center of the kitchen. Their new Chef Collection however… Read More

If your home is anything like mine, we don’t use our front door much. More times than not, we come and go through the garage door, even when not using a vehicle. Inevitably, the door gets left open, creating an ideal habitat for many friendly (and not so friendly) woodland creatures. This doesn’t happen much… Read More

I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of dust bunnies under my couch cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…  Just in time for holiday shopping, Samsung brings us their POWERbot robot vacuum in a limited edition Star Wars theme! Available in either a Darth Vader or Stormtrooper design, the… Read More

Let’s face it. Even if you aren’t actually afraid of bugs and spiders, you may still have a problem smearing them all over your walls. I personally don’t like to kill the poor little buggers, but they don’t belong in my house or smooshed all over the place. Having the Redo Rechargeable Bug Vacuum at your… Read More

Are clips or twist ties the best way to secure a bag rice, beans, coffee, cereal, etc? One alternative to consider is a Bag Cap from ROMMEKA. What the heck is a bag cap you’re wondering?  Bag Caps are two-piece lids for plastic or paper bags that are made of food grade BPA Free material. Each cap… Read More

I’m a big fan of robot vacuums for one main reason – I’m lazy and don’t want to push a vacuum around my house when I can get a robot to do my work for me at the press of a button or automatically on a schedule that I set. The newest robot vac that… Read More

Can I see a show of hands… how many of you have socks with missing mates? We call them stragglers at my house, and it seems to be a widespread issue that affects countless families throughout the world. How can we solve this horrible tragedy? Well, there’s a gadget for that, and it’s called the… Read More

Alright, I must admit that when I saw this product I said to myself, “WHY”. But as I thought about it for a minute (maybe three) I said: “why not”. I am of course talking about the Fondoodler. The Fondoodler is described as a hot glue gun, but for cheese. You have to admire folks… Read More

My home is located at the very end of the power company’s circuit. As a result, if anything anomalous happens upstream, our power goes out. Frustratingly, the houses across the street are on another substation circuit and we can see their lights and flickering television screens while we sit by flashlight or candle light, hoping… Read More

This month, my Mrs. and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Not a small feat in this day and age. Neither of had previous marriages and we didn’t cohabitate before we tied the knot.  Archaic? Maybe, but it’s worked for us so far. We don’t have too many difficulties, despite having a mixed-race, multicultural… Read More

We can all use a little extra iron(y) in our diet and Gracula is here to help with that. Gracula from Animi Causa is a cute little kitchen helper that makes the task of garlic crushing way less scary. Put a few cloves in the mini vampire’s cloak. Put the head on top and give… Read More

Do you spend much thinking about your toilet brush? Yeah, me neither. But every time I clean the toilet, I get the heebie jeebies about dripping dirty toilet water on the floor when I transfer the brush back into its disgusting holder. There has to be a better solution, right? The Spindry toilet brush from… Read More

How often have you tried to spread butter on toast, a baked potato, bread, etc, only to find out that it’s just too cold and hard to spread? Yeah, I know, first world problems. But it is a real problem that could use a solution. One company invented the biēm butter sprayer to solve this issue. Let’s… Read More