After four months taking ideas from their fans and frequent flier customers, WaterField Designs has unveiled their new Air Porter carry-on bag. The Air Porter has been designed to slide and stand up under the airline seat in front of you. It has two compartments that offer ample storage for all your important gear and… Read More

Do you march to the beat of your own drum, not satisfied to blend in with the rest of the world around you? Then you are going to love these unique backpacks from MadPax. These bags are not your average run of the mill boring black Walmart special backpacks that all your friends are carrying… Read More

If you can’t bear leaving your little Muffin at home, then you may want to look into this U-Pet Bubble Pet Carrier. I’m not kitten, it’s the cutest and most functional pet carrier I’ve seen in a long time. Sure, there are carriers out there right meow that may have all the functionality, but not… Read More

Ethnotek partners with artisan villages in Indonesia, Ghana, Guatemala, Vietnam, and India to produce hand-made textiles that they incorporate into their backpacks, bags, and accessories. Not only do these partnerships result in gorgeous products, but they help to keep these traditional textile making techniques alive by employing the local artisans.  The new Akan collection features… Read More

Since 1989 Timbuk2 has been producing top-quality messengers and backpacks, and they always have an eye towards new designs and new styles. They also have a reputation for diving into new and interesting collaborations, and this might be one of their most fun products yet: the Froot Loops Limited Edition Tuck Pack. As in the… Read More

Imagine a high school where instead of normal students the attendees were bags. If the jocks were big, tough backpacks and the cool kids were sleek messenger backs, then certainly the nerds of the class would be fanny packs. I feel like they’ve been sort of unfairly picked on… sure, they’re useful but lack that… Read More

I love backpacks. It is my preferred method for carrying around my teaching materials, but what I don’t like having to do is to continuously buy bags because they wear out. Enter the Saddleback Leather Co. and their line of leather backpacks. I was awarded the opportunity to review their Thin Front Pocket Backpack. This… Read More

Until humans evolve to have the ability to fly like Superman, we’ll continue to dream about flying like Superman. One way to fuel that dream is with this fun Jetpack Backpack from Suck UK. The Jetpack Backpack is a regular backpack with adjustable shoulder straps and a main zippered compartment for books, your laptop, etc… Read More

The company name does induce (intentional) giggles, but NutSac Bags has been designing some pretty solid man bags & satchels for a while now. While previous designs emphasized minimalist carry (up to an iPad Pro), the latest design is designed for daily business carry with more room and more features for hauling your office on… Read More

Among travel & carry enthusiasts Tom Bihn is a legend, producing some of the best bags & accessories in the business from their shop located in Seattle, WA. But one thing that Tom Bihn is not known for is rushing things to market. He takes his time, only releasing new products and material choices when… Read More

I have more carry-on bags than I would like to admit. The reason is simple, I haven’t found one that fits all my travel needs. Do I want a backpack or a roller bag? Can I use it when I get to my destination without looking like I am carrying a carry-on bag? So, basically… Read More

Saddleback Leather has built a reputation based on distinctive, durable leather bags and accessories that invoke the spirit of adventure. Saddleback has steadily introduced new styles and designs since their inception, but 2016 brought us a new material choice in the Mountainback product line: waxed canvas. I’ve spent a month testing the Mountainback Front Pocket Gear Bag… Read More

Whipping Post creates leather bags and accessories that focus on classic, rugged designs and quality craftsmanship. Arriving just in time for summer, the Scout backpack looks like a perfect solution for road trips, plane rides, and long hikes. At 15″ by 15.5″ by 4.5″, it just the right size for day trips or stowing under your airline… Read More

Let’s talk about hybrid/convertible work bags for a minute. Are you a briefcase, messenger, or backpack person? What if you didn’t have to choose? I like the flexibility of convertible bags, but finding one that is both functional and business appropriate has been a challenge. After two months of testing, I think I’ve found it… Read More

WaterField Designs has updated their Outback Solo minimalist laptop back for the NEW Surface Pro. The Outback Solo 2.0 features additional storage capacity with a sleeker design. Made of waxed canvas and full-grain leather, the Outback Solo 2.0 has a rugged look, but it’s been designed to protect the Surface Pro with a shock absorbent… Read More