Pocket Gear

The Gadgeteer has shown you a series of bandanas from Colter Co. over the years that have taught you fly-tying, nautical and survival knots tying, helped you amuse yourself during downtime in the outdoors with a game board bandana, and even helped you find your place in the universe with a glow-in-the-dark star chart.  Now… Read More

Forgive me for that silly title, I just couldn’t help myself ;) Seriously though, the mininch Tool Pen looks like a fantastic pocket tool that has been designed to hold 6 screwdriver bits in its 5.75 inch long handle. And since it’s less than 7 inches long, that means it’s TSA friendly. The Tool Pen has… Read More

The Swiss+Tech Mega-Max is a multi-tool with an interesting design. It has a rectangular stainless steel frame that holds 15 tools that include screwdrivers, hex drivers, wrenches and more (see the full list after the break). LED Flashlight #2 Flat Screwdriver #2 Phillips Screwdriver 2mm Hex Driver 2.5mm Hex Driver 3mm Hex Driver 4mm Hex Driver… Read More

Grovemade started out with bamboo and wood iPhone cases about seven years ago but since then, they have expanded their offerings to include new products like this new key ring made from a solid block of anodized aluminium. Unlike some carabiners that can pinch your fingers, the Grovemade key ring features a unique loop design… Read More

I’m an EDC fanatic and am always on the lookout for cool but useful gear that I can carry with me on a daily basis. But I don’t like just any gear. My favorite EDC products have to be small but awesome. The Folding Coin Knife from BucknBear ticks both of those boxes. This coin-sized… Read More

I’m an EDC (Everyday Carry) user. You know, those little tools, tech and other items that you use regularly to help with tasks throughout your day. However, EDC often consists of several items that you have no good way to organize while carrying. There are many pouch-type cases out there, but often these provide just… Read More

Pocket survival tools are a great way to be prepared for those emergencies that randomly occur in life. To me, the two key features in a survival tool are functionality and size. If a survival tool does not have some minimum features such as a cutting edge and a fire starting tool it misses the mark… Read More

At the end of December, I reviewed the Olight S2R Baton flashlight. I really like this flashlight because it has an easy to press button on the grip instead of the tail cap, and it uses a special rechargeable battery that charges through a magnetic USB cable. It’s quickly become my favorite flashlight, but now… Read More

Is it time to update or consolidate your EDC? The Pocket Knife CRONO tool from Swiss Advance might be a consideration. It’s a light weight flat multi-function tool made of stainless Chromium steel and blade steel. It features four blades and functions that include a bottle opener, fish scaler, wire stripper, cm-scale, hex wrenches, cheese… Read More

The Streamlight KeyMate USB is an IPX4 water-resistant flashlight for your keychain. It has a spring loaded clip so it hangs on your keychain just like a traditional key, but the blade of the KeyMate is the flashlight. It has a multi-function push button switch which shows the charge status of the 110mAh lithium polymer… Read More

Ever since I reviewed the Keyport Slide 2.0 over 3 years ago, I’ve been looking forward to the Slide 3.0.  Keyport’s products are like smartphones. They get sleeker and have more functionality with each version. I’m happy to report that the Keyport Slide 3.0 is here along with the new Pivot key organizer and I… Read More

An essential part of anyone’s EDC kit should be a pen that can easily fit in your pocket so that you’ll always have it when it’s needed. There are quite a pens on the market that have been designed for pocket carry, but they tend to be too expensive. No one wants to spend a lot… Read More

I have lost track of the number of leather wallets I have gone through over the years.  I am sure the same thing has happened to you… at some point they all fall apart at the seems.  This problem inspired American Benchcraft to create a line of leather products that are crafted not with stitched… Read More

The Pocket Samurai knife from StatGear is a super compact and lightweight knife which can be kept in or clipped to your pocket or you can add a split ring and attach it to your keyring. The knife has a 440c stainless steel folding katana shaped blade and grade 5 titanium handles. The Pocket Samurai… Read More

True Utility has just introduced their new CONNECT line up of gear for EDC fans. The new CONNECT range includes products that will help you organize your keys and secure other small gear. There are small zippered pouches with elastic straps and loops to hold small items like pens, knives and more. The CONNECT line… Read More