The Cipher Bandana from Colter Co shows you how to get your message across

The Gadgeteer has shown you a series of bandanas from Colter Co. over the years that have taught you fly-tying, nautical and survival knots tying, helped you amuse yourself during downtime in the outdoors with a game board bandana, and even helped you find your place in the universe with a glow-in-the-dark star chart.  Now Colter Co. has a Cipher Bandana that will help you communicate your location or your message to others using four modes of communication: phonetic code, morse code, semaphore, sign language, and even how to use a signal mirror.  Like other Colter Co. bandanas, the Cipher is 22″ X 22″ and made of 100% machine-washable cotton.  The Colter Co. Cipher Bandana is available from Amazon for $14.00 plus $4.54 shipping.

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