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About two years ago, we told you about a Kickstarter project for the Pearl Compact Mirror and USB Battery Pack. After just a couple of days, Kickstarter removed the project because someone had filed a copyright infringement complaint against it.  HYPER by Sanho Corporation quickly moved the Pearl project to indiegogo and funding continued.  I… Read More

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You’d never know it with this heat wave we’re having in the south this week, but it’s autumn now and time for sitting around a campfire or the fire pit in the backyard.  You’ll be able to roast hot dogs or marshmallows without having to hunt for the perfect stick, and without worrying about splinters… Read More

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This beautiful stool with built-in guitar stand is handmade in the US by fillingham, an Etsy store.  The Guitar Stool/Guitar Stand is made to order from “wood, walnut, ash, felt, cork, and yacht braid.”  fillingham says:  “Hardwood surfaces (walnut and ash) are finished with a custom, hand rubbed finish that improves with age and use… Read More

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We’ve shown you several Nixie tube clocks, chess sets, and thermometers over the years, but they all were steampunk in style.  Many of them were also kits that you needed to assemble yourself.  ThinkGeek has two Nixie tube clocks from Nuvitron that don’t require assembly, and they aren’t steampunk.  Both clocks use new old-stock tubes… Read More

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Everybody knows that a peanut butter or jelly-covered knife laying on the edge of the sink means you haven’t decided if you’re going to make another sandwich or not.  This keeps the counter free of smears, and it keeps the knife clean – so long as it doesn’t fall into the sink.  You won’t have… Read More

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I recently got a new iMac, and it came with the new Magic Keyboard and Mouse 2.  Those new accessories are very much like the Bluetooth keyboard and original Magic Mouse I’ve used for ages, with one big difference – they have rechargeable batteries built in.  Now I don’t like throwing away batteries, but I… Read More

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The only thing worse than not taking your umbrella on a day when rain is expected is losing it.  You won’t have to worry about either event with the Bluetooth Never Lost Umbrella by Kisha.  The umbrella is 100% windproof and corrosion-proof.  It has 16 ribs and a “perfect opening and closing mechanism”.  Pair it… Read More

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A bored cat can be a destructive cat.  This Laser Chasing Scratching Post can keep your cat’s interest until he’s tuckered out and too tired to scratch up your furniture.  The post has a four-speed laser that stops, turns, and races in unpredictable patterns to engage your cat’s (prey drive) urge to chase things.  The… Read More

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Hanging pictures can be a nightmare of measuring tapes, levels, and holes in the walls – only to end up with your pictures still crooked and out of line.  With the Gallery Magic system, you won’t have to work so hard and still end up with nicely spaced and level artwork.  The first part of… Read More

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KNOMO has a series of RFID-blocking bags to protect your personal information as you tote your gear.  The series includes bags of leather and/or fabrics in backpack, brief bag, tote bag, or clutch styles.  The bags are available in styles suited for women or men and in sizes to accommodate minimal gear to everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink gear… Read More

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If you or your child has a life-threatening allergy, you probably carry an EpiPen with you.  If you have an EpiPen, you are aware that temperature extremes can damage the drug and reduce its life-saving properties.  And you are certainly aware of the recent unconscionable increase in the price of these pens, so you need… Read More

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The new Fitbit Flex 2 doesn’t have a watch face, but it gives you all-day activity tracking.  It has SmartTrack automatic activity tracking that automatically recognizes activities like running, sports, and aerobics workouts and summarizes your activity in your Fitbit app.  It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time without… Read More

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At first glance, this chess set looks a bit like the traditional Staunton set.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the pieces are actually formed by their names.  Even the newest beginner will have no trouble telling the queen from the king or the bishop from a pawn.  If you order these pieces, you’ll need… Read More

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This Star Trek-inspired quadcopter has four 3.5″ diameter propellers for superior flight stability;  its “six-axis stabilization allows it to be tossed into the air and throttled up simultaneously”.  The U.S.S. Enterprise Quadcopter  (15.5″  x 9.75″  x 4.25″, 4 ounces) is designed to look like the Enterprise of the 1979 movie, and it has ten LEDs… Read More

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Back in July 2014, Julie wrote about the Qwerkywriter, a retro-styled Bluetooth keyboard that looked like the keyboard from a 1930’s typewriter.  At the time the funding campaign was launched, the keyboard had a decorative return bar and paper platen, as well as vintage-style keys with mechanical switches for that clickety-clackety sound.  In the time… Read More

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