I love my iPhone, but the one thing that it has been lacking in is wireless charging. You can get a case with a battery inside that will wirelessly charge, but it adds bulk, and I enjoy the small form factor of the iPhone. I noticed Bezalel had a case solely for wireless charging called… Read More

I’m a big fan of wireless charging (otherwise known as Qi charging) and have been using it on and off since I began using it with a Samsung Galaxy S3 over 4 years ago. I love having a wireless charging dock on my desk at my day job and another one at home next to… Read More

I have a TYLT VU wireless charger on my nightstand, but I’d trade the TYLT for the Curvilux Smart Nightstand in a heartbeat because it’s not an ordinary bedside table.  It might look like a grade school desk, but the Curvilux Smart Nightstand features a locking drawer that’s controlled with your smartphone, a wireless charging area on top… Read More

When I got my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ I embraced wireless charging.  I had been especially looking forward to that feature when considering the purchase of my phone, so I started looking for wireless chargers right off the bat.  I have reviewed several here on the Gadgeteer, and I now have a good idea of… Read More

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I had a 4-foot long power strip that I used to charge various gadgets and gizmos. The power strip was that long because I needed that a lot of outlets and I needed them to be far enough apart so that AC adapters could be inserted without touching… Read More

The Jabees Q9 LED desk lamp is a multi-tasker that no only lights up your desk, but it can also charge your Qi-enabled device through it’s built in charging surface or USB port. Consolidate your lamp and your charging dock or cables with one device from Jabees. The Q9 LED desk lamp features folding design… Read More

Even though my Nexus 6P doesn’t have wireless charging, I’m still a huge fan of the oh so convenient method of charging called Qi. If I was shopping for a new monitor AND my phone was Qi capable, I’d be seriously interested in the new AOC P2779VC 27 inch monitor. The P2779VC features a Plane… Read More

I really like my Nexus 6P, but I sure do wish it had wireless charging capability. USB Type-C charging is fast, but I miss the convenience of dropping my phone on a wireless charging pad like Belkin’s new Boost Up wireless charging pad. The Boost Up’s 15W transmitter coil can charge smartphones up to 3… Read More

While each generation of smartphone squeaks a bit more life out of the battery than the last, many of us still find ourselves having to recharge our phones throughout the day. There have been several times when my phone’s battery was low and I would begin to charge it, only to discover I needed to… Read More

I’ve talked about my love of Qi wireless charging many times over the years and I have been worried that the technology is being phased out before it ever really got started. Smartphone makers like Motorola who were among the first to add this feature to their flagship phones a few years ago are no longer… Read More

When I switched from the LG G3 to the Nexus 6P last fall, I knew I’d be giving up a couple features that I had been enjoying for years with the LG G3 and previous smartphones – a microSD card and most of all, wireless charging. With the 6P’s USB-C fast charging, the lack of… Read More

I have been obsessed with wireless charging ever since I got my Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone.  Cutting myself loose from charging cables is a wonderfully freeing experience, and I honestly think that wireless charging is going to be the future and all sorts of surfaces around the house, restaurants, and the office will be wireless… Read More

Ever since purchasing my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ I have enjoyed the benefit of rapid charging.  I can charge my phone for 30 min using the rapid charger that came with the phone and get 50% in battery capacity.  The problem is that I have to use the charger that came with the phone to… Read More

Whenever I proclaim my love for wireless charging, there are people who make fun of me asking if I am too weak or lazy to plug in a USB cable like the rest of the world. I know that using a cable isn’t difficult or a huge hardship, but once you start using wireless chargers… Read More

There have been many wireless cases, which add the ability to phones or tablets built without a charging system, but the folks at Luxa2 removed the case, and thus, freed up the idea of wireless charging for everything.  I’ve been interested in wireless charging, just hearing the smack-talk from all the users of non-iPhones here… Read More