Cases and Covers

When I think high-end luxury leather phone cases, a couple brands come to mind like Vaja and Orbino. So how is that I’ve never heard of or seen the leather cases from Alto? If you’ve never seen them either, let me introduce you to what might be your next favorite iPhone 7 Plus case. What is… Read More

In April of 2015, I reviewed my first case from Urban Armor Gear – the Rogue case for the iPad Air. I really liked the cover and found it quite protective. I now have an iPad Pro 12.9″, and am happy to be the one chosen to review their Metropolis case. Note: Photos may be… Read More

Several years ago, I reviewed the Joli Originals smooth leather sleeve for the MacBook Pro and while that behemoth of a laptop is long gone, I continue to use the sleeve to this day. I keep it on my nightstand as a soft, secure space for my iPad and iPhone… a safe haven from the hectic whirlwind… Read More

Here’s a new flash: cell phones are expensive.  With the upcoming flagship phones from Samsung, Google, and Apple the upward trend in pricing probably won’t stop.  So with a significant investment in technology that generally lives in your pocket or in a bag, most people develop a powerful motivation to protect that investment.  The Peel… Read More

Whether or not you believe in global warming, you have to agree that this is one of the warmest years so far for this planet. It was in the upper 90’s here in Southern Indiana yesterday. Ugh. I stayed indoors in the air conditioning and so did my phone. But for people that have to… Read More

Let’s all face the truths that smartphones are expensive, somewhat delicate, and some of us who use them on a daily basis can put them through varying amounts of abuse. I happen to be one such user. I’m not particularly clumsy or careless with my iPhone 6 Plus; quite the opposite, in fact. However, some… Read More

I am a total sucker for nice leather gear and fine woodworking. I find the old world craftsmanship and artistry very appealing in today’s disposable world. So when Julie asked if I’d like to review some handmade items from Istanbul, Turkey I jumped at the chance. In this case, Galen Leather is a small leather… Read More

I love my 12.9″ iPad Pro, but, like most folks have mentioned in reviews, I find it a bit difficult to balance when trying to carry it around during use. I’ve found a case that I like for use around the house or on the road, but it’s more a stand, even though it has… Read More

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the nicest looking smartphones ever to be created. So why would you want to cover it up with a generic plastic case that adds bulk, and takes away from the aesthetic of the phone? One case that protects the phone without detracting from its beauty is the Full… Read More

Since getting my Apple Watch, I have used it regularly for months for day to day activities. Now that winter is over, tennis season has started up, and with that, more physical activity that could potentially damage my expensive watch. With the Catalyst Case for the Apple Watch Series 2, I was able to set… Read More

I know everyone seems to be batting their eyelashes and drooling over the Samsung S8 and S8+ right now, but there’s another very nice phone that shouldn’t be overlooked – the LG G6. If you opted for G6 instead of a Samsung and you’ve been looking for a rugged case to keep it protected, the… Read More

Building on the success of their leather cases for the iPhone, Mujjo’s new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases feature a minimal slim design that is fully covered with premium quality full-grain leather that will develop a wonderful patina as it ages. The Mujjo cases which will be available in black or brown will have… Read More

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the golden years of Apple computers, you can revisit that simpler time with this retro case from Slickwraps. It’s a hard PC case with a TPU bumper that adds extra grip while not adding a lot of bulk. The case has a raised edge around the screen so… Read More

You’ve no doubt heard of carbon fiber, but have you heard of aramid? How about kevlar? Kevlar is a trade name for aramid fibers which is short for “aromatic polyamide”. They are lightweight fibers with exceptional strength and thermal stability, making this material a perfect choice for an iPhone case like these new iPhone 7… Read More

We love our gadgets, but sometimes they can be a little too… blah. After you see a hundred shiny black plastic or aluminum gadgets, you’ve seen them all. If you would like to find a way to make your phone, backup battery, speakers and more look different than everyone else’s, then you need to check… Read More