As with many of us Gadgeteers, most especially our fearless Gadgeteer-in-Chief, Julie, I like writing implements of all kinds, but I really like pens. Something about a well designed and built pen elevates the experience of handwriting, which feels increasingly like a lost art, to a higher plane of enjoyment.  That said, I’ve been a… Read More

If you have visited my favorite gear page since January of this year, you may have noticed that my favorite EDC pen has been the Ti Arto pen from Big Idea Design. I love that pen, but now I have a new love that has replaced it as my favorite EDC pen. It’s the Ti… Read More

What makes a perfect EDC pocket pen? Is it the size of the pen, the material the pen is made of, the type of refill it uses, or something else? There are many EDC pens on the market that you can choose from and the Telescopic Pen from True Utility is another one to add… Read More

Pilots, security guards, and people who wake up in the middle of the night with a million dollar idea all have one thing in common. They need to write stuff down without impacting their night vision. One solution is a pair of night vision goggles and another potential solution is the Skilcraft Luminator LED Light… Read More

Fisher Space Pens haven’t been on my radar for awhile, but I happened to see an image of one on Pinterest the other day that reminded me of an updated version of the Inka Pen that I reviewed over 10 years ago. So I clicked over to the Fisher Space Pen site and was greeted… Read More

I bet you clicked through just to find out what stippling is didn’t you? If you’re not an artist, you probably haven’t heard of the term. Stippling is an art technique that is achieved by drawing dots. LOTS of dots. Thousands of dots. Maybe millions of dots. You get the idea. Using an ordinary pen… Read More

What is your favorite type of pen? Clicky? Capped? No cap and no click? Or just plain unique? If you like uniquely designed pens, then I present to you, the Stealth Pen from Lioe Design. This aluminum uni-body style pen has been designed to use a total of 4 parts. The minimalist design makes the… Read More

Are you a fan of steampunk style? Do you also have a lot of expendable cash lying around? Then check out the Megan Kening Etsy website for some really cool, beautifully handmade steampunk pens like this In Memory of Bessie Sm. V2 Steampunk fountain pen. This particular pen was made in memory of 1920’s American jazz and… Read More

I love pens which should be obvious from all the pen reviews I’ve done. But the PK-TPE tactical pen from PK Design Lab scares me a little. It looks like the sort of tool that aliens would use for unspeakable medical experiments. The PK Design Lab PK-TPE is a tactical pen that is made of CNC… Read More

Whether it’s smartphones, wallets, pens and other gadgets, sometimes it’s a curse being The Gadgeteer because I’m never satisfied with what I have and am always chasing my next favorite thing. Ok who am I kidding, it’s freaking awesome being The Gadgeteer for that same exact reason. There’s always something new, better, faster and more awesome… Read More

This cool looking pen is the Acme Studio SCALE Retractable Ballpoint pen designed by Shigeru Ban. It has two functions – it is a pen and an architect’s scale (a triangular shaped ruler containing multiple scales used by architects and drafters when drawing up floor/building plans back when this was done by hand). The pen… Read More

As much as possible, I take notes using Evernote, but sometimes I want to draw pictures and add diagrams and calculations to my notes. In those cases, it is easier to use a pen and paper. Orée has come up with the Stylograph, a pen that works with special paper to digitize all your handwritten… Read More

The look and feel of your favorite writing instrument is important, but even more important is the ink refill. You can have the coolest looking pen on the planet, but if it doesn’t write well, it will never become your favorite pen. When you find a refill that writes well, but won’t fit in the… Read More

I’m a self-proclaimed pen and notebook addict. But I don’t go for ordinary pens. I like unusual ones like the ēnsso Pen UNO. I backed their Kickstarter campaign last year and now they are selling this interesting pen (and pencil) to the general public. Let’s take a look. What is the ēnsso Pen UNO? The… Read More

An essential part of anyone’s EDC kit should be a pen that can easily fit in your pocket so that you’ll always have it when it’s needed. There are quite a pens on the market that have been designed for pocket carry, but they tend to be too expensive. No one wants to spend a lot… Read More

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