Gaming Gear

Do you still have a pile of Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges gather dust in a drawer somewhere in your house AND do you also have a Samsung Galaxy S8? Then your retro dreams have just come true with SmartBoy. SmartBoy from Hyperkin is a module that attaches to the bottom of your… Read More

Virtual reality gaming continues to grow in popularity and VR headsets are all over Amazon and other online retailers. Today I want to show you the VR Real Feel Racing set. This is a VR headset that comes with a wireless steering wheel controller for a fun 3D racing simulation. Let’s check it out.  What… Read More

The next stop on my gaming gear journey has us looking at a gaming mouse. Now, Kingston is not a brand I usually associate with gaming peripherals, rather, I think of internal components instead. When the Kingston HyperX Pulsefire FPS gaming mouse was offered up for review, I thought I would give it a chance… Read More

Do you think the next logical step in video gaming is mind control? If so, then you’ll love the concept of Soap Studio’s MIND: The Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Cerebral Combat Trainer. It’s a video game that I was sent to review. It sounded like fun, but it turned out to be pretty… Read More

Saddleback Leather Company is very well known for their “they’ll fight over it when you’re dead” leather bags and gear. But you probably would not have guessed that one of their newest products is a set of dominoes. Unexpected? Yes. But not unexpected is that the dominoes are made of leather.  This full set of… Read More

Following up the massive success and sellouts of the NES Classic Edition, Nintendo is hoping that lightning will strike twice as it announced today the release of a Super NES Classic Edition. Like the NES Classic, the Super NES Classic will be a mini system and will ship with 21 preinstalled classic games. It comes… Read More

I’ve been lucky enough to review several gaming items recently, but one thing I have never upgraded since I purchased them years ago is my gaming headphones. Turtle Beach must have heard this, and quickly offered their Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset and Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller. I was eager to try out what… Read More

I’ve been playing games for years, yet I’ve always used a pair of cheap Dell speakers for my PC. I never thought much of PC speakers for gaming, instead always using headsets, but when Creative offered their Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 gaming speakers to be reviewed, it piqued my curiosity, and I had to try them… Read More

Standing desks are said to help you burn more calories than sitting on your butt behind a traditional desk, so it’s perfectly conceivable that a standing video game system will enable you to burn more calories than playing games from your couch. That means that buying this beautiful VPcabs Vertigo Pinball system is the equivalent… Read More

The QcK Prism mousepad is no ordinary mouse pad. Made for gamers by SteelSeries, the QcK Prism features wrap around illumination with 12 programmable zones that light up in millions of color combinations. But light effects is not the only trick up this mousepad’s sleeve. Do mousepads even have sleeves? Don’t answer that. The QcK… Read More

If you are a hardcore console gamer or just an informed one then you should know about Scuf gaming gear. They make high-end gaming controllers and accessories for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. So it would make sense that they would adapt some of their popular innovations to the MS Elite Controller, and that’s just… Read More

When I was a kid, I spent countless hours sitting on my bed gripping an Atari 2600 gaming controller while playing Centipede, Missile Command, Breakout, Pong and other games. I’d go to bed at night still seeing blocky game graphics animate behind my eyelids. The Atari 2600 was my first taste of video games and… Read More

Creative is known mainly for SoundBlaster sound cards and speakers. I’ve reviewed their wonderful Roar wireless speaker series. Creative’s newest speaker is the BlasterX Kratos S5 is a 2.1 gaming speaker system with Aurora Reactive lighting system. It comes with powerful 4” satellite drivers and a 6.5” subwoofer in wooden enclosures, delivering clear highs, detailed… Read More

This past weekend I attended PAX East 2017 in Boston at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. PAX is a gaming convention held at different venues and times throughout the country. PAX truly is a celebration of all things gaming and loads of fun. What is PAX? In 2004, the creators of the webcomic Penny Arcade decided… Read More

Back in my day, we didn’t have fancy schmancy handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch. We had 1000 pound machines that we had to feed quarters and stand up to play. And we liked it! If you’ve ever wanted to relive the golden age of video games, the dreamGEAR Retro Arcade Machine X has… Read More