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The NoMatterWhat Fusion Lens is a lightweight battery-free attachment for an iPhone that allows the phone’s front and rear cameras to capture seamless 360-degree content. The companion app combines and processes the images from both cameras into a 6K resolution composite image.  The composite image is available as 360 view or tiny planet mode. Currently, the… Read More

iPhones and iPads consume content like a hungry teenager and that means it might not take long for your device’s storage to become full. And on the opposite side, how do you get content INTO your iOS device without using iTunes (I’d rather stick a fork in my eye)? Naztech has a gadget for that… Read More

For years, we have had the ability to record analog phone conversations with little effort. Suction-cup mics, dual-socketed wires that sent the audio to tape or another listener, or even build-in features of corporate phone systems have been around for 30, 40, 50 years or more. But now we have digital cell phones, and end-to-end… Read More

If you love using your smartphone as your primary camera, then you will appreciate the new iPhone Camera Bag from WaterField Designs of San Francisco California. This small shoulder bag will hold all your small clip-on lenses, cables, and other accessories that you need when you’re shooting on the go and don’t want to stuff… Read More

If you own a smartphone, I am willing to bet that you have more than a few images on your phone. Except for a Canon 70D DSLR that I use to take most of my product review shots, I use my iPhone 7 Plus to take all my personal shots. 90% of those images stay… Read More

With up to 256GB of storage, the Sandisk iXpand Base has been designed for iPhone and iPad users to backup the device’s images, videos, and contacts every time the device is charged. Just plug it in your iPhone or iPad and the iXpand Base takes care of backing up your data while it fast charges… Read More

iPhones take pretty decent low light pictures, but they don’t do that well capturing low light video. If you’re tired of dark grainy videos, shine some light on your subject with a SureFire FirePak illuminator. The SureFire FirePak is a 4.6-inch illuminator that clips to the back of an iPhone 5, 6, or 7 series… Read More

The SmartQ lightning pen drive is a small flash drive that plugs into an iPhone’s lighting port. It can be used to back up all of your important data, including calendar, contacts, and photos. Let’s take a look at how it did for me!  The SmartQ comes in various space sizes and colors. I received… Read More

Do you consider yourself an iPhoneographer? You’re not alone if you do. By itself, the iPhone 7 Plus has a great camera, but is there a way to make it and your photos even better? The people behind the successful Kickstarter campaign for the ShiftCam Camera Lens Case think so. What is a ShiftCam? It’s… Read More

If you work in a corporate setting, you know what it’s like to attend meetings where some invitees opt to call into the meeting instead of attending in person. Speakerphones can often be confusing to use or just not work at all. Pioneer and Onkyo have introduced a pocket-sized solution that will allow you to… Read More

I fashion myself as somewhat of an amateur photographer. I’ve been fascinated with photography ever since I took Mr. Bunton’s “Intro to Photography” class way back in the ninth grade. And like a lot of people I love taking photos with my iPhone. Apple forever changed the way we take photographs when they introduced the… Read More

It wasn’t that many years ago that we were toting enormous gadgetry around – shoulder camcorders the size of a suitcase, cameras as big as a Scooby Doo lunchbox, cassette players like bricks dangling from our belts and behemoth computers large enough to block out the sun.  It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job… Read More

Kickstarter continues to be one of the places you find items that device manufacturers should have included with their new items. My most recent sponsored item is the ILDOCK for iPhone 7. While I don’t have an iPhone 7, I do use a 6s Plus, and really want the ability to use SD, TFT, or lightning… Read More

Great pictures require great lighting, and that includes selfie pics. iPhone owners who want to capture that perfect Blue Steel pout should check into Pyle’s new Lite-Me Selfie Lighted Smart Case for the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. The Lite-Me case features bright LEDs that are built into the case’s frame and a 1750 mAh… Read More

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your mobile device into a microscope (who hasn’t?), then here’s the add-on phone accessory that you’ve been wishing for. It’s the Bodelin ProScope Micro Mobile. The ProScope is designed to snap into a special sleeve for the iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy S4. The Edmund pro level glass optics provide… Read More

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