ShiftCam SnapGrip Lite Kit review – Give your iPhone a DSLR style grip

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REVIEWI’ve heard the best camera is the camera that is with you. Today’s smartphones have very capable cameras and chances are we almost always have our phones with us. Snapping on SnapGrip from ShiftCam makes our phones feel and behave more like a traditional point-and-shoot camera. For me, contorting my fingers in such a way as to take a picture, without dropping the phone usually results in an awkward and sometimes painful grip. When I got the chance to review the ShiftCam SnapGrip kit, I happily snapped at the chance. But there’s more to this device, read on to find out!

What is it?

The ShiftCam SnapGrip is a magnetic snap-on battery camera grip for iPhones. The SnapGrip connects via magnets to wirelessly charge, and via Bluetooth to trigger the shutter button.

Shiftcam SnapGrip 14

What’s included?

  • SnapGrip in Lilac Haze (New Color & Limited Edition!)
  • SnapLight in Lilac Haze (New Color & Limited Edition!)
  • Pouch Lilac Haze (New Color & Limited Edition!)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Magnetic sticker

Tech specs

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  • MagSafe compatible (iPhone 12 and newer, including the latest iPhone 15)
  • With the included magnetic sticker, it is compatible with any mobile device between 58 and 90mm wide
  • Works with phones with cases
  • Product dimensions: 152mmX67mmX88mm (5.98inX2.63inX3.46in)
  • Weight: 220g (7oz)
  • Powerbank: 3.7V / 6400mAh / 11.84Wh
  • USB-C Input: 18W Max
  • Wireless charging output: 15W Max


Design and features

I am a photographer and have a few mirrorless camera bodies and a selection of lenses to choose from and I carry them all in a big backpack. Unless I’m going to specifically take pictures, I usually leave my backpack at home. Eighty percent of the time that I’m out and about, my camera backpack isn’t on me. I do have my phone with me but I don’t like taking pictures on my phone because it’s awkward to hold the phone. Most of the time, to get the angle I want, it’s not conducive to my finger and hand position. Enter in the SnapGrip by ShiftCam. This grip uses MagSafe to attach to my iPhone. After initially pairing it through Bluetooth, I can use the shutter button on the ShiftGrip to take pictures from any angle!

With the SnapGrip attached, I now have a grip that I can wrap my fingers around and a real shutter button. On my iPhone 13 mini and my wife’s 13 Pro, I got point-and-shoot camera vibes! The magnets are very strong and the ShiftCam never moved and always felt secure, even with my thicker phone case. The shutter button activates to take a picture or start/stop video from whichever camera the phone is using, whether it’s the front or rear-facing camera. This made taking pictures on my phone so much better! The SnapGrip can be rotated so the phone can be in landscape or portrait mode too.

Shiftcam SnapGrip 9

Shiftcam SnapGrip 10

But wait….there’s more! Not only does the SnapGrip make taking pictures easier, it also serves as a battery bank as well! It contains a 3200mAh battery which is great for keeping your phone’s battery topped up. This function is activated by pressing the small button next to the shutter button. This is useful for those days taking a lot of pictures, or whenever your phone needs some juice.

Shiftcam SnapGrip 13

And one more thing….it’s also a great phone stand. The phone can be placed in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Vertical or portrait orientation works great for video chats, and the horizontal or landscape mode is perfect for Apple’s standby mode. Just be aware that to get the most stable use, it’s best to use it on a hard surface.

Shiftcam SnapGrip 11

Shiftcam SnapGrip 12

Both the SnapGrip and the SnapLight fit in the included pouch and are easy and convenient to put in a backpack pocket or purse.

Shiftcam SnapGrip 15

Shiftcam SnapGrip 16

Shiftcam SnapGrip 17

Included in the kit, is also the SnapLight. This little light attaches to the front of the SnapGrip with magnets and is again, very strong. The SnapLight also can flip up and shine light for selfies or when using the front camera.

Shiftcam SnapGrip 7

Shiftcam SnapGrip 6

Assembly, Installation, Setup

The ShiftCam SnapGrip kit came in a nicely organized box and included the SnapGrip, the SnapLight, and the pouch. To assemble, simply connect the SnapGrip via MagSafe to any iPhone 12 or newer. The SnapLight also snaps to the SnapGrip via magnets. The magnets on both the SnapGrip and the SnapLight are strong and did not move even with my thicker phone case. For mobile devices other than the newer iPhones, there is an included magnetic sticker that can be attached in order to use the SnapGrip.

You will need to pair the SnapGrip via bluetooth in order for the shutter button to operate.

Shiftcam SnapGrip 2

Shiftcam SnapGrip 3

Shiftcam SnapGrip 4

What I like about the ShiftCam SnapGrip Kit

  • Comfort, I can hold my phone easily while taking pictures, often with one hand
  • Versatility, it’s also a battery and stand
  • Compatibility, can be used on almost all mobile devices
  • Simplicity, no additional app is needed, just Bluetooth
  • Colors, there is a lot of black or white options, but having choices like Canary Yellow, Peach Fuzz, Ocean Breeze, Forest Trek, and Lilac Haze are very welcome
  • SnapLight, adds light when you need it (the phones built-in flash is still usable as well)
  • Pouch, convenient carry case for both the SnapGrip and SnapLight

Shiftcam SnapGrip 1

What needs to be improved?

  • The ShiftGrip was visible when using the widest (0.5) lens on the iPhone in Landscape mode
  • I would be great to have the shutter button open the camera app
  • A button to switch between camera modes (front/back camera, and cycle through the zoom settings)

Final thoughts

The ShiftCam SnapGrip is one of those products that checks quite a few boxes. First, it’s a great way to use our mobile phones as more of a point-and-shoot camera. It also can charge our phones, and lastly, it’s a nice desktop stand. And it fits into a compact pouch that will store the SnapGrip and SnapLight. It doesn’t take a lot of space to bring the items and attaching them is a matter of magnetically snapping them to our phones.

I would highly recommend the ShiftCam SnapGrid and SnapLight kit for anyone who takes pictures or videos with their phone – it’s a game changer!

Price: $109.98
Where to buy: ShiftCam SnapGrip Lite Kit and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by ShiftCam. ShiftCam did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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  2. Harold Jarvis

    I have been using two of these for over 6 months now. It has given new life to my photography and the advantages of using the camera on my iPhone 15 Pro Max. It definitely always makes it into my travel kits. Great review of all the features.

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