Welcome to part two of an on-going series where we tell you about the gear that we use on a daily basis. Today we have the favorite gear bags for five of our writers here on the Gadgeteer team. Enjoy! [click to continue…]

I’m a big fan of robot vacuums for one main reason – I’m lazy and don’t want to push a vacuum around my house when I can get a robot to do my work for me at the press of a button or automatically on a schedule that I set. The newest robot vac that I’ve had the opportunity to test is the Ecovacs Deebot R95 robot vacuum. Let’s see if it sucks… but in a good way. [click to continue…]

If you’re not a fan of hotdogs, don’t want to buy hamburger buns AND hotdog buns, or you want to confuse your guests at your next cookout, you need to check out these burger dog gadgets. What are burger dogs you ask? They are hamburgers shaped like hotdogs…duh!
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I wouldn’t describe my family as overly adventurous, but we do participate in our share of outdoor activities. We enjoy trips to the beach, water parks, and amusement parks. We also enjoy riding our bikes and we’re hoping to get our children into snowboarding this winter.

For these reasons, I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing an action camera.

Fortunately for me, I was offered the chance to review the ODRVM action camera. It’s a 1080p waterproof camera that can be connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

I’m hoping this is the perfect camera to catch my families outdoor moments.

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It’s time to grab a cold beverage, find a comfortable chair, and cozy up for some Gadgeteer reviews and news. To help you out, I’ve created a full list of everything we posted this week. Yeah, I’m nice like that. Click through to see the list. [click to continue…]

Gadgeteers love tinkering and building their own gear, so why not a kit to build a wooden bike? The Sandwichbike is a DIY kit that will let you build a cool wooden framed road bike in about an hour.
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It looks like a spoon combined with a fork and otherwise known as a spork, but it’s really the Semi-Horned Oblong Versatile Eating Ladle, or as SparkFun calls it, the S.H.O.V.E.L. [click to continue…]

The Alpha Audiotronics Skybuds wireless earbuds are an expensive, subpar entry into a growing field of better built, more featured-filled wireless earbud options. At $189.99, the sound, build quality, setup, and app functionality all fall well below what one would expect of a product in this category and priced this high. [click to continue…]

Aromatherapy, to some, is like healing crystals, chiropractic, or homeopathy – you either appreciate it and take benefit from it or think it’s a bunch of hooey. Whether it is healing, beneficial, or just a nice scent, though, our olfactory sensations can be pretty powerful tools in our situational awareness. Reviewers here rarely post about a leather item without mentioning the aroma of fine leather. Walking into a bakery, or out on your deck while something yummy is on the grill, or even pulling into the driveway when someone is cooking inside can trigger hunger you didn’t know you had or reflections on past feasts with friends. The folks at Paxamo have a line of ultrasonic mist diffusers that brings scents into your home or office environment and don’t draw attention to themselves. I was sent the “ZenBomb” model to test. (Even before seeing the product name, my Lovely Bride looked at it and said “Is that one of those pirate hand grenades? Is there a fuse?”)

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Fans of Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, and other mans will appreciate these very cool comic collages from artist Mike Alcantara who is known as ComicCollageArt on ETSY. Based in Austin, Texas, Mike uses actual comics to create his one of a kind superhero collages which are then digitally printed on 80 lb. 11×17 inch matte paper. [click to continue…]

Traveling in today’s environment with heightened security and tightened airline rules/regulations can be a real pain. Just keeping up with your travel documents and passports can be tough. I have been fortunate enough to travel on a regular basis and I am usually not alone when I travel, so that means keeping up with double the travel documents for the trip. Recently, I was offered a chance to review a product that could help make my travel a little easier, the Mr. Lentz Double Passport Wallet.

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We have a few quick review updates for you today, including an update to my Julie’s favorite gear list. Click through to see the list of updated reviews and then scroll to the bottom of each review to read the latest updates. [click to continue…]

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone, and OtterBox, a company I thought only made dry boxes, has been making cases for every single model since the original game-changing phone ever since.  To mark the milestone, OtterBox hosted an event in San Francisco, CA. [click to continue…]

The Port Solar Charger from XD Design is designed to stick to a window and use the sun’s rays to power your gadgets. [click to continue…]

My mouth is watering just thinking about a perfectly roasted hotdog in a soft bun with just the right amount of ketchup but no mustard because mustard is disgusting 😉 I can’t remember the last time I had a hotdog cooked on an outdoor grill, let alone over a campfire. If I had a fire pit, I would seriously consider buying a Crank-Eez from Firebuggz. [click to continue…]