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Do you brush your teeth at least two times a day, preferably right after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night? If you answered yes, good for you. If you answered no, I foresee dentures in your future. Seriously though, how do you make dental hygiene a habit and can the right toothbrush be the answer? I’ve been testing a quip electric toothbrush for the last couple of weeks. Let’s see if it has made brushing is my new favorite hobby. [click to continue…]

I’ve tried a few über-protective cases for my iPhones, with mixed results. Most have protected well, but their downfall is often a thick, plastic, built-in screen protector that severely reduces the touch-sensitivity of the screen.  Perhaps Case Boss has solved that with their Heavy Duty Protective iPhone Case. In addition to being armored against bumps, drops and dings with its aluminum-reinforced frame and rubberized anti-shock silicone interior (the layers even screw together), plus covers overall buttons and ports to aid in water splash and dust resistance, it also features a built-in 9H Gorilla Glass screen protector, which in theory would allow more touchscreen responsiveness than the standard plastic style of screen protector. Available in multiple colors and for multiple iPhone models, each for $79.99. Visit Case Boss for more info or to order. You can also find similar cases on Amazon.

Let’s face it. Even if you aren’t actually afraid of bugs and spiders, you may still have a problem smearing them all over your walls. I personally don’t like to kill the poor little buggers, but they don’t belong in my house or smooshed all over the place. Having the Redo Rechargeable Bug Vacuum at your fingertips may be a fun way for kids (or squeamish adults) to stop running and screaming for help at the sight of a little intruder, and run for the bug vacuum! It is fully charged in 2 hours via USB cable so it should always be ready to go, and the LED flashlight equipped device will allow you to suck them up day or night.  You can pick one up on Amazon for $23.99 and banish the bugs with no mess, and no chemicals!

Star Wars nerds from the dark side are going to love the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH. This robot has augmented reality (AR) capabilities, response to voice commands, can be used for sentry patrolling, and even has facial recognition. [click to continue…]

When we moved into our house back in 1999, we put up a 30 foot TV antenna tower so we could get the Indianapolis network TV stations for CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX 50 miles away. That was when we had a 65″ RPTV (rear projection TV) that took up a whole corner of our basement living room. We also had an antenna booster and a motor attached to the antenna that would allow us to rotate it to bring in the best signal. A few years later we signed up with DirecTV and were able to get the local stations through the satellite so we took down the tower. Part of me wishes we still had that antenna tower so I could thumb my nose at DirecTV and cut the cord. But modern antennas don’t need even a tower and some of them can be attached to a window inside your house. [click to continue…]

The NoMatterWhat Fusion Lens is a lightweight battery-free attachment for an iPhone that allows the phone’s front and rear cameras to capture seamless 360-degree content. The companion app combines and processes the images from both cameras into a 6K resolution composite image.  The composite image is available as 360 view or tiny planet mode. Currently, the app is limited to 360 images but in the future, the app will be able to take 4K video. The app includes native social sharing on Facebook and Instagram. The Fusion Lens will be available on Indigogo in the near future. In the meantime, you can register your email on the  site to be notified of news regarding the lens system.

I’ve posted on this before: I don’t (yet) own an Apple Watch. When they were first released, I thought they looked very stylish but delicate, and I felt that I’d be afraid to engage in the types of heavy-duty fitness and other activities that I tend to favor. But as usual, 3rd-party companies have stepped in to solve this. The latest product that makes me think that an Apple Watch might be nearer in my future than I’d initially thought is the Rhino Runner by Rhinobands.  [click to continue…]

Dark podcasts for Halloween-time

The nights are getting longer and the veil between our world and the other side grows thin. It’s the perfect time for sharing tales of the unknown, and to get in the mood I’ve been listening to some podcasts that are perfect for exploring the dark, unknown corners of our imaginations.

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Sonos One Review

I’m an avid Alexa user. I use Alexa to control my lights, my Dyson, and even my air conditioner. I even miss her when I’m staying at a hotel. But until now I’ve been using the Amazon Echo Dots and Echo Taps to boss her around. I also have two Sonos PLAY:1 speakers at home, so when Sonos announced that they are bringing Alexa into their eco-system with the new Sonos One, I was ecstatic.  [click to continue…]

When we are researching for places to spend our vacation, I always ask Jeanne to make sure that the place where we’ll be staying has internet access. Because perish the thought that I take a vacation where I can’t get a little Gadgeteer work done too.

We went on our last vacation knowing that there wouldn’t be any internet at the cabin we were renting, but I stuffed down my panic because I knew we’d only be gone for 2 full days. And as luck would have it, I had a secret weapon to take with us… the Skyroam SOLIS 4G LTE Global WiFi Hotspot.
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With ZTE’s AXON M, you can watch videos on one display and scroll through your Twitter feed on the other.

ZTE has a new Axon phone to show off, and while it’s not a follow up to last year’s Axon flagship, it is pretty much one of the coolest devices we’ve encountered so far in 2017. That is because the new Axon M is a foldable dual screen phone. Because two screens are better than one! At least thats the concept behind the Axon M.

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The Mixed Reality Viewer lets you bring your 3D creation into a real-life setting

If your Windows 10 PC isn’t up to date, you’re going to want to make sure you update your system with the Fall Creators Update. That is because the Fall Creators Update brings a slew of super cool new “tricks” and practical features. Specifically, on the creative front, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update helps the “average joe” create some incredibly advanced 3D and mixed reality masterpieces. It’s no coincidence that Microsoft also announced today that Mixed Reality headsets are finally available from Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Acer, starting at $399. It’s clear that Microsoft is committed to encouraging the masses to start using Mixed Reality, and this update ensures that folks can get really creative with Mixed Reality beyond just playing games.  [click to continue…]

The Surface Book 2 now comes in a 13.5″ and 15″ model

The Surface Book was announced way back in October of 2015, so you might say that a Surface Book 2 has been long overdue. Fortunately, the Surface Book 2 has finally arrived and it offers fives times more graphics performance than the original. Not that the original Surface Book was a slouch by any means, but the new Surface Book 2 is quite frankly a beast. To that effect, the new Surface Book 2 is 3x more powerful than the original Surface Book. Microsoft says it’s powerful enough to be your gaming PC, and also a workstation replacement. You’ll be able to play 1080p games on the Surface Book 2 Pro without a hitch. A big part of that raw power is thanks to the Intel Quad Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GPU it’s running on.  [click to continue…]

At least once a day I roll my eyes at an announcement for a new IoT (Internet of Things) gadget. Do we really need another toaster, refrigerator, or toilet that’s connected to the internet? Ok, I made up the last one… at least I don’t think there’s a toilet that’s connected to the internet – yet. But back to the point of this news post. Pillsy is a pill bottle that’s connected to an app that’s connected to the internet. Wait, don’t click your back button yet because this IoT gadget actually sounds pretty useful. [click to continue…]

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