ZTE has a new Axon phone to show off, and while it’s not a follow up to last year’s Axon flagship, it is pretty much one of the coolest devices we’ve encountered so far in 2017. That is because the new Axon M is a foldable dual screen phone. Because two screens are better than… Read More

Huawei’s flagship phone has landed in the form of the Mate 10 and Mate 10 PRO. The new Mate 10 series not only brings an all new glass body to the series, but it’s also the first of Huawei’s phones to come with the AI powered NPU (Neural Processing Unit) that Huawei announced at IFA… Read More

When I was watching Google’s live event yesterday and heard that the new Pixel 2’s would be going on sale that day, I immediately opened a new tab on my browser and went to check the Google Play store. Sure enough, they were available to order, so I did just that. I ordered the Google… Read More

I just heard that the LG V30 will be available here in the US starting on October 5 from Verizon and then later on October 13 from T-Mobile. This may sound surprising, but I’m more excited to try this Android smartphone than I am to get my hands on the iPhone X which isn’t due… Read More

Ever since the first days of the Palm Pilot PDA, I’ve wanted a small handheld device that would function as my phone, my camera, and my desktop computer. One device to rule them all! Companies like Motorola with their Atrix phone flirted with this concept six years ago, and I’ve even tried turning an Android… Read More

The minute I powered on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and started using it, I felt the urge to ditch my iPhone 7 Plus and go running back to Android. But am I still feeling that way after using it as my primary device for the past 5 days?  Check out my earlier posts in this… Read More

I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 since last Friday and what started out the type of infatuation that you feel when you meet a new love interest that shares your same interests, has cooled down to the type of friendship that you have with someone you’ve known for years. You really like that… Read More

On Friday I posted my first day impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and I’m back with a few more thoughts after spending the weekend with this phone. So go check out day 1 and then come back for more.  Check out my other posts in this series: Samsung Galaxy Note8 review (day 1) Samsung… Read More

Yesterday I posted a gadget diary entry where I professed my immediate love (lust?) for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. Today I turned off my iPhone 7 Plus, set up the Note8, and started using it as my primary device. Have my feelings changed already? Let’s find out with my multi-part diary style review.  Check out… Read More

Yesterday, Huawei announced availability and pricing for four of their Android MediaPad tablets for here in the US. If you’ve wanted to purchase a quality Android tablet but haven’t wanted to pay Samsung prices, you should check into the MediaPad tablets. I haven’t personally tried one of these MediaPad tablets, but if they are the… Read More

During yesterday’s solar eclipse, at an event in Manhattan complete with the unveiling of a cookie themed statue, Google officially announced that Android 8.0 will be known as Android Oreo. The OS was previously known simply as Android O.  Android Oreo has a ton of new features including faster boot speed, the ability to minimize… Read More

When you shop for a new smartphone, do you base your decision on how good the camera is? It’s a determining factor for me. I wouldn’t consider buying a phone that has a sub par camera because my phone is my main camera. That’s why I’ve been fascinated with camera accessories like clip on lenses… Read More

Last month I wrote an article entitled Android 7.0 tips: Notifications and power notification controls which seemed to interest some of you, so this month I thought that I would share some additional Android 7.0 tips. Did you know that you can open two Chrome windows using the split-screen feature? And did you know that Nougat… Read More

I’m guessing that almost every review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ starts out with some mention of last year’s recall of the Note 7 due to battery issues that led to the spontaneous combustion of some phones. You would think that all that drama and bad press would have hurt Samsung’s reputation. But… Read More

I thought it might be interesting to write up some tips about Android 7.0 (Nougat) features that I find fun to use. I realize that not all our readers have Android 7.0, but for those of you who do, you will find some of the new features very handy. One of those features that I… Read More

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