Are you in the market for a wallet? I’ve got something new to tell you about. Flowfold is a cool little company out of Maine that sent me a trio of their wallets for evaluation. They’re thin, lightweight, and made from high-tech, super-durable materials. They also rock a modern, distinctive look that stands out from… Read More

I am a total sucker for nice leather gear and fine woodworking. I find the old world craftsmanship and artistry very appealing in today’s disposable world. So when Julie asked if I’d like to review some handmade items from Istanbul, Turkey I jumped at the chance. In this case, Galen Leather is a small leather… Read More

The popularity of minimalist wallets is driving innovation in this field, providing the people with what they have been craving – the downsizing of the traditional men’s and women’s wallets of the past. I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who has been craving a smaller wallet. This time I’m reviewing the SZNS (pronounced… Read More

When it comes to cool minimalists wallets, the guys at Flipside have been on the scene for over 8 years. I dug up my first news post about their original Flipside wallet from January 2009. Every couple of years they update their wallet to make it even better and I’m happy to say that the… Read More

I became a fan of Trayvax after reviewing their Summit minimalist wallet. It remains one of my all-time favorite wallets because it has a simple design, it’s well made, and it only holds the essentials. But if you’re looking for a minimalist wallet that has a little more pizzazz to its rugged good looks, you… Read More

Writing this review really has been a journey for me. You see, I am someone who frequently loses small (and medium, and large) items with frightening regularity. This is why I rely on a scientifically proven system of “leaving things wherever I might be when I decided I no longer need them and hoping I… Read More

In my quest to find a great minimalist leather wallet, I was given the opportunity to review a Benjamin Bott Design wallet called the Chickadee English Tan ultra minimalist leather wallet. When it arrived, it was love at first sight. The wallet arrived in a drawstring bag to protect it from scratches during shipping. There… Read More

If you’ve ever used a binder clip as a pseudo-minimalist wallet, then you’ll want to check out this review of the Edwin Wallet from Hive Design. It’s like a binder clip on steroids and it just might become your new favorite wallet. Let’s take a look. What is it? The Edwin Wallet is a wallet… Read More

A while back, I posted a news item about the Magpul DAKA Pouch. Made in the U.S.A. from polymer-infused, chemical-resistant, non-hygroscopic (will not absorb moisture) textiles with an anti-slip texture that are impenetrably RF-welded on all seams, the DAKA Pouch is one of the toughest gear carrying items you may ever find.  Not content with… Read More

I’ve discovered that I have a real affinity for leather wallets. They’re flexible, durable, attractive and they smell great. I’ve also discovered an affinity for those wallets that carry my plastic cards vertically rather than horizontally. The Riveci Olympus – Bowie Pull-up Brown wallet is such a wallet and I was given the opportunity to… Read More

I am on a quest for a great leather wallet. I really enjoy using my Garzini Essenziale Finestra wallet, but are there others out there that I might like better? When the Gadgeteer was offered an Axess leather wallet to review, I volunteered to do so. I chose the Axess “Superior” Extended Vegetable Tanned Leather RFID-blocking… Read More

Have you been shopping for a new minimalistic wallet but don’t want one with the same old tired style as everyone else’s minimal wallet? Then look no further my friends because I have a wallet that you’ll want to check out. It’s the PITAKA carbon fiber magnetic wallet and it’s definitely unique. But is it the… Read More

If you visit The Gadgeteer on a regular basis, you already know that we like to review wallets. As a matter of fact, Andy J. just posted a wallet review yesterday. I personally enjoy using minimalist wallets and thought I’d share my top 5 favorite minimalist wallets with you today.  IDENTITY Card wallet This one… Read More

I’m an EDC (Everyday Carry) user. You know, those little tools, tech and other items that you use regularly to help with tasks throughout your day. However, EDC often consists of several items that you have no good way to organize while carrying. There are many pouch-type cases out there, but often these provide just… Read More

While I travel a great deal within the US, I don’t often go out of the country and thus I rarely need my passport. But my wife has plans for the Gadgeteer Kid and me before he goes off to college and beyond. We are currently planning a nice long trip to the British Isles for the G.K.’s… Read More