Dynomighty Wallets review – unique designs that are tough as nails

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REVIEW – Everything you see here is a wallet! That’s Dynomighty’s whole thing: they make tough wallets out of Tyvek that feature unique functional designs and a whole range of rad graphic styles. But do they do the job as a part of your EDC? Come hither, friend, and let’s find out!

What is it?

Dynomighty wallets are wallets make from Tyvek for a super thin, super strong build, printed with all sorts of interesting graphic designs. They can also be customized with your own images.

This review will cover Dynomighty’s three different wallet styles: the thin front pocket Mighty Wallet, the minimalist Mini Mighty Wallet, and the traditional-styled Stitched Billfold.

Design and features

Dynomighty’s wallets are all built using Tyvek as the base material, which provides a super thin, super lightweight, tearproof/waterproof base material. They then do some clever origami tricks with that material to provide wallets with some interesting design twists. Finally, they add a whole range of customized printed designs in bold, funky, and interesting patterns.

We’ll start with the Mighty Wallet, their most popular style, as an example of how this all comes together. I chose the “Tiger Warrier” design that was inspired by a traditional Chinese woodblock print for the dressing.

Look how freaking cool this is! Dynomighty has dozens of different styles to choose from ranging from illustrations to photos to bold graphic designs… you can even customize your artwork with your own images for an upcharge.

The printing carries through the whole piece, which is cleverly assembled from what I think is a single piece of material. This leads to some of the clever bits in the design. Your inside fold has two open slots for stashing standard cards, oversized cards (like a work ID) or similar things.

Here’s a closeup of those card inserts with actual cards. I noted that a single card tends to slide around a bit, but 2+ cards on each side hold things in place. Three feels right. Four starts to push the space, so I’d say 4-6 cards are ideal.

This is backed by a double set of billfold pockets, which I don’t usually see in wallet designs. It’s nice for separating your big & small bills, or separating cash from receipts if you’re traveling.

On my recent vacation trip I had a lot of bills that showed a really cool feature of this wallet. The oragami fold design is flexible, so that it expands if you stuff it. Check out the upper right edge of this pic. See the expansion?

Here’s a side shot that shows it a little better. There’s extra wiggle in the design if you overload it, and it settles back when you don’t need the extra capacity.

The second design is the minimalist Mini Mighty. I chose this one in the cassette player design (again, so many designs to choose from!).

This design forces you to carry the bare minimum in your wallet. There are two single card slots on the inside fold.

Each of those flaps is backed by another card slot, and then there’s a pocket that spans the back of the wallet.

The pocket is described as a billfold, but it’s not the length of a standard US bill. You could fold a couple of bills and stuff them in there, but I find it more useful to go cashless and save that space for extra cards if needed.

Last but not least, we have the Stitched Billfold design. Here you’re getting a classic wallet design with the benefits of Tyvek (slim, lightweight, tearproof, waterproof, etc.). Again, many designs to choose from. I went with the Sriracha label.

While the other designs seem to be made from a single piece of Tyvek, this design is executed with multiple pieces that are assembled & stitched. The stitching is very well done, as is the finishing throughout.

I love the choice of the green interior to counterbalance the Sriracha Red. You get six card pockets, plus two slots behind them for 8-10 cards on deck if you need ’em.

Look how thin! There is barely any weight to this or any of the Dynomighty wallets, and zero extra bulk to overcrowd your pockets.

Here I have the same wad of bills from the Might Wallet picture stuffed in the billfold for reference.


I used the Dynomighty wallets for the past month, trading them off for work and travel, and I have been very pleased with the performance of each one. The thin lightweight design is fantastic in all the models for bulkless carry.

I do think that each design has its specific optimal use case:

  • The Mini Mighty is exclusively for the minimalist. You’re not getting much more in there than a few cards. Four cards will ride securely in the slots without falling out, with that back pocket for a couple of bills, a transit pass, or similar things. This is a great wallet for a dressy occasion too where you don’t want that bulk to drag down your style.
  •  The Mighty Wallet is a great all-around EDC wallet, but I feel that it works best for those that favor carrying paper over lots of plastic. You’ll get 4-6 cards here, but the double-billfold design is made for quantities of cash and receipts. Pulling those cards out in a hurry can be a challenge as you kind of have to pull them out of the sleeve, select your card, and stuff the rest back in.
  • The Stitched Billfold is for those that are used to carrying some cards and cash. You’ll get 8-10 cards in that easily with quick & easy access. If you prefer a traditional wallet style but want the benefits of the lightweight Tyvek, this is your jam.

The Tyvek does its job as advertised. It’s tough as hell. But it will show signs of wear pretty quickly. Here are a couple of closeups of my billfold. The Tyvek isn’t losing any of its staying power, and the stitching is solid. But you can see that wrinkles have popped up and I’m getting some wear-off of the printing around the edges after a few weeks of use.

This is pretty consistent with what I have seen in previous reviews of Tyvek-style wallets.

What I like

  • Clever functional designs
  • A broad range of bold graphic options
  • Tough as nails, yet super slim and lightweight

What I’d change

  • Wear on the designs shows quickly on the high-contact edges, but doesn’t impact performance

Final thoughts

Dynomighty is the originator of the Tyvek wallet concept, and these designs feel much more substantial & refined than some competitive products I have reviewed. Their range of graphic designs are bold & interesting, and you have a great starting price point at under $20. I’m actually looking forward to experimenting with the custom options using some of my artwork as well… the gifting possibilities are endless!

Price: Prices vary based on size and style starting at about $16.00. Custom printed wallets are available for an additional charge.
Where to buy: Get’em at the Dynomighty Web Site or visit the Dynomighty Amazon Store
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Dynomighty.

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