JLabs JBuds Lux ANC wireless headphones review – great sound that doesn’t quit

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REVIEW – We’ve been searching for a good pair of headphones for co-reviewer Mason to take to college. He’s looking for comfort, good sound quality, long battery life, and nice looking over-the-ear headphones. When we had the opportunity to review the JLabs JBuds Lux ANC wireless headphones, they ticked all the boxes. Plus some we didn’t think of!

What is it?

JLabs JBuds Lux ANC wireless headphones feature noise reduction, cloud foam cushions, foldable design, JLap App and Google Fast Pair.

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What’s included?

  • JLabs JBuds Lux ANC wireless headphones
  • Type-C cable for charging and wired connection
  • Quick-start guide

Tech specs

Connectivity: Wireless
Wireless communication technology: Bluetooth 5.3
Supported protocols: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Material: Faux leather, plastic
Compatible devices: Cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktops
Item weight: 0.5 lbs
Battery life: 70+ hours, 40+ with ANC
Headphone charge time: 2.5 hours
Bluetooth range: 132 ft
Noise cancellation: Up to 25 dB
Drivers: 40mm
Product dimensions: 6.13 x 3.23 x 7.47 inches
Item model number: HBJLUXANCSGE20WEB
Batteries:2 Lithium polymer rechargeable batteries (included)


Design and features


There’s no setup required for the JLabs JBuds Lux ANC wireless headphones. We didn’t even charge them! Just put them on and got going.

The headband is adjustable and very comfy.

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Mason appreciates the ease of adjusting the headphones, because he sometimes wears them with a hat and/or safety glasses, and sometimes doesn’t.

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All the controls are built in.

The NC button you click for Noise Control and press down to toggle between movie and music mode.

The “+” button is to increase volume or if you hold it, it goes to the next track. The “-” volume is to decrease the volume and if you hold it, it goes back a track. Holding both the “+” and “-” for three seconds lets you adjust the audio equalizer.

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The main button is to:

  • Play/pause or answer/hang-up when pressed once
  • Reject call if you hold for 1 second
  • Power if you hold for 3 seconds
  • Bluetooth pairing if you hold for 8 seconds
  • Siri or OK Google if you click twice

The connection port can be used for a wired connection or for charging.

Our test sample is the graphite color, but the JLab Lux ANC wireless headphones also come in light grey (cloud), sage or mauve.


Download the JLab app for additional customization.

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Many of the features are same options that you can select from the buttons, like switching the mode or adjusting the equalizer.

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However, you may be able to fine-tune better on the app than by pressing the buttons. You can also change the button controls using the app.

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We appreciate when you can use a product without requiring that you use an app — but when the app gives you some additional options and functionality — which is the case with these.


We’re glad we chose the JLabs JBuds Lux ANC wireless headphones!

The noise cancelling works great. Mason has been testing these in a busy manufacturing shop, and it does a good job of buffering out the sounds of the noise around him. If these can hold up there, they can certainly handle the noise of the dorms.

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The battery life is unbelievable. On his first use, Mason got 38 hours and 40 minutes of use out of these. If he turned off the ANC, he could get even more. That’s nearly a full work week! We did a weekend trip for his college orientation, and he didn’t have to think about charging them or even bringing the charging cord, because he knew the battery life would hold up. That’s been his favorite part of these headphones. You’re also given plenty of warning when the battery starts to get low; it switches to medium and then low power to let you know it’s getting time to charge them. But they charge in less than three hours, so even charging them is quick!

In addition to these features, the headphones pair quickly and easily.

They also have options to connect to two devices simultaneously (Bluetooth multipoint) and to have a share mode between two JLab JBuds Lux headphones, which we have not tested.

He’s been very pleased with the sound quality when listening to music and watching videos. He likes being able to adjust the settings and switch tracks without needing to use his phone.

He’s also tested it making phone calls, and said the sound quality was great, the mic worked well, and the interface was easy to use.

What I like about the JLab JBuds Lux headphones

  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
  • Intuitive features

What needs to be improved?

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

The sound quality, battery life, comfort and features make the JLabs JBuds Lux ANC wireless headphones rival more expensive brands. A smart purchase!

Price: $79.99
Where to buy: JLAB website and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by JLAB. JLAB did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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