Incase, known for their innovative bag designs and Apple-friendly products, has entered the smart luggage market with the new NoviConnected 22 Smart Hardshell Luggage. They’re bringing a pretty amazing set of features for the road warrior.  The NoviConnected 22 is TSA approved for carry-on at 22″ by 14″ by 9″ and is built with a… Read More

Even though I’ve reviewed a few backpacks to hold my gadgets and stuff, this is the first bonafide suitcase I’ve reviewed. I don’t travel much for my job, but when my wife and I travel, our cheap carryons are nothing but a pain—and kinda embarrassing when seen at an airport. So when the very attractive ec-bc… Read More

When it comes to backpacks and luggage, ecbc is a name that people trust because of their quality and airport/TSA friendly design. Even though the ecbc Sparrow Garment bag has been a favorite among travelers, ecbc has decided to improve it by introducing the Sparrow II. The Sparrow II kicks off ecbc’s next generation of stylish… Read More

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went on a trip to visit the in-laws, and thought it would be a perfect chance to try out some new luggage. This time, however, I wanted to forego checking a bag and rely solely on carry-on luggage for a week long trip. Standard Luggage Co. offered their carry-on backpack to… Read More

I can’t help but hear Heart’s Barracuda song whenever I look at this bag. That’s not a bad thing though because that’s a cool song and this is a cool carry-on bag. On paper, the Barracuda Smart Collapsible carry-on bag has all the features that seasoned travelers want. To start with, it has ample room… Read More

The best part of traveling is seeing new places, meeting new people and eating new foods. The worst part about traveling is packing. Especially unpacking. In the past, it’s been a big hassle to our old luggage because it was like a set of Russian nested dolls, where the largest suitcase held the next largest suitcase… Read More

I avoid checking bags in while flying whenever possible.  Additional bag fees?  No, it’s the hassle of waiting for checked bags at the carousel, the risk of lost luggage, and the tendency to overpack.  I tend to travel with lots of loose items (charging cables, wall warts, adapters), so what if I could find a… Read More

I love products that have more than one use, and the Auca multifunctional luggage fits that description very nicely. It’s a 25″ suitcase that doubles as a desk and cabinet when your travel destination is lacking those amenities. Available in red, green, yellow and blue, this luggage features 360-degree wheels with a braking mechanism for… Read More

Whenever my family and I go on vacation we run into the same problem; there is never enough room in the hotel dresser to store all of our clothes. There are four of us and we usually end up “fighting” over who gets enough drawers. Inevitably, clothes end up scattered in drawers, in suitcases, and… Read More

Have you ever stood at the baggage conveyor after a flight and wondered which black rolling bag was yours? I sure have. We have half a dozen in the attic in various sizes and weights, so when our Benevolent Gadgeteer Overlord offered the Genius Pack, I wondered if it might somehow be different. I had… Read More

Smart Unit says that 90,000 pieces of luggage are mishandled and from that 3,000 pieces are definitely lost each day.  They have created a smart luggage tracker that can help you locate your luggage anywhere in the world where a cell phone GSM/GPRS network is available, even when the airline has no idea where it is… Read More

A decent set of luggage is almost paramount these days when doing extensive or long travel. While polycarbonate luggage is usually a little more durable and lighter, it often only comes in a clam shell design (basically the suitcase zippers down the middle and opens with two equal size sides). Fabric luggage usually has a… Read More

When you have a place for everything, it’s easier to see when everything is in its place.  And you’ll be less likely to reach to destination and find that you’ve forgotten something very important – like your pants for the week.   Rise Gear bags incorporate a patent-pending collapsible shelving system that makes packing a… Read More

The Travel Laundry Stuff Sack from Tom Bihn makes it easy to pack and easy to separate your clean from dirty clothes when you travel.  The Sack is available in two sizes: 11.8″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″ to fit the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 bag and 13.8″ x 6.7″ x 6.7″ to fit the Tom Bihn Aeronaut… Read More

No matter how carefully you fold it, your suit is likely to arrived rumpled and wrinkled when you pack it in a suitcase or a traditional garment bag.  Garment bags are usually large and unwieldy, too, and often earn you angry glares from fellow travelers when you try to carry them on the plane.  With… Read More