Andy Chen

Former electronics technician for the FBI, current Fire Prevention Officer. Background in electronics, trained EMT, Eagle Scout/Assistant Scoutmaster and dad.

Pluto Pillow Review

“A pillow built just for you” is what they said. I was perfectly happy with my “memory foam” pillow. In fact, I had been sleeping with pretty much the same design for nearly 20 years, and I had no complaints. I don’t NEED a new pillow! But, what if I was wrong? Yes, I’ve been …

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SparkMaker Mini Desktop SLA 3D printer review

I know nothing about 3D printing, except for little models my son has brought home from summer “tech” camps. This tiny desktop 3D printer caught my eye, and only required an SD card for printing. Pretty slick, right? Let’s take a look. What is it? The SparkMaker is billed as a compact, user-friendly desktop 3D …

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Blue Designs Compass microphone boom arm review

One of the golden rules of audio is to put the microphone where the sound is. For recording purposes, this means placing the microphone close to your mouth, but not in an obtrusive way. Blue Designs, the makers of the popular USB Yeti Microphone, introduces a sleek adjustable boom arm with good looks to boot. …

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BenQ treVolo S electrostatic Bluetooth speaker review

These days I really don’t pay attention to bluetooth speakers, unless there’s something really unique about it. The BenQ treVolo S stood out due to it’s unusual “folding” configuration… and electrostatic speakers? What is it? I know BenQ from their video products (I have two of their 4K displays at work), but not Bluetooth speakers. …

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Survival Hax 6″ Fire Starter Flint Review

Do you know what the Ten Essentials for the Outdoors are?  From the Boy Scout Handbook, it includes a pocketknife, first aid kit, extra clothing, rain gear, water bottle, flashlight, trail food, matches/fire starters, sun protection and map/compass.  Let’s take a look at starting a fire with a flint. What is it? A 6″ fire-starting …

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WOWSTICK 1fs Electric Screwdriver review

Now here’s a clever tool for the handyperson in your life: An electric screwdriver but for teeny tiny things. Meet the WOWSTICK 1fs electric screwdriver. Wowstick 1FS Screwdriver Set 18pcs Bits Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included) LED Light Speed: 150r/min (non-adjustable) Material: Aluminum Dimension: 170 x 16 x 16mm 1 x WOWSTICK …

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