When I was growing up and helping my dad with building projects, he would always remind me, “Measure twice, and cut once.” There were many times my reply was “Dad, I cut this board twice and it’s STILL too short!” I’m sure he would have heard that less often if I had a MyAntenna Laser… Read More

I’m a big fan of space-saving EDC tools, and if you are too, have a look at the Bit Bar from BIGiDESIGN, maker of lots of cool and useful EDC items. The Bit Bar is essentially a slim, compact screwdriver that carries its own bits in a spring-loaded, magnetic rack inside it. Just push on… Read More

My angle grinder was stolen from my garage (it was a condo, shared space) along with some other tools. Now that I have my own garage, I had a chance to try out the Tacklife AGK31AC 6.3-amp angle grinder to see if it would make a worthy replacement. Specifications: Amps: 6.3 amps Rating: 120 volts… Read More

I’ve never been camping, but when I daydream about being more outdoorsy, I can picture myself with all sorts of gear for both utility and protection. The problem is that too much gear weighs you down. Conrad Sayer of Australia has designed a modular 5-in-1 multi-tool that eases the burden of carrying too much gear… Read More

I may have a flashlight problem.  No, I definitely have a flashlight problem!  Why can’t someone make the perfect light? I believe there is no such thing because every situation calls for something different. This time, I get to try out the Mychanic Blade Multi Light, a rechargeable light that flexes to your needs. Weight: 1.4… Read More

Survival tools run the gamut from a pocket knife to axes and even beyond. I don’t know if there is any real definition of what a survival tool is, so I guess it comes down to what an individual would consider to be a survival tool. With that in mind Off Grid Tools has offered… Read More

I used to have one of these infrared thermometers, but it’s since gone missing.  I suspect it was stolen in the Great Garage Robbery of 2015.  I recently had a chance to test out another infrared thermometer, but with not one laser, but two!  Let’s check out this laser-y goodness. Specifications : ● Temperature: -50°C~550°C… Read More

I’ve got quite a few flashlights, but I don’t really have a portable “floodlight” when I need to light up a large area.  This time I got to try out something different. It’s not quite a flashlight, and it’s not really a camping lantern.  It’s the Loftek 15W Portable Floodlight. Specification Includes: 1xUSB cable, 1x… Read More

Normally, picking up a laser measure for the first time is accompanied by the thought or statement, “how far away is that [object]?” Then after a quick press of a button and flash of red light, a result is displayed that is usually accompanied by the thought or statement, “Cool!” The novelty and simplicity of… Read More

I saw this tool being advertised on Facebook this weekend and thought it looked really useful for DIYers and weekend home remodelers. It’s the Gorilla Gripper and it literally gives you a better grip on drywall and plywood panels. The Gorilla Gripper is basically a clamp that grips the top edge of a sheet of… Read More

The Trucker’s Friend is a tough, all-purpose tool that was designed for truckers, but it looks perfect for walker (zombie) head splitting, nail pulling, tree chopping, ice scraping, etc. This tool is made of heat treated steel with a shock absorbing fiberglass handle. It combines the essential functions of an axe, claw hammer, nail puller, crow bar… Read More

I have been doing home improvement projects for decades now. I lost count years ago, but the total number has to be in the hundreds of all shapes, sizes and effort levels. Many times the construction involved tearing into something with only some idea what I was to find. Well, Walabot promises the DIY can alleviate this problem. The… Read More

Let’s talk blowers. I know what you might be thinking—why would anyone bother reviewing a blower? They either work or not. That’s what I initially thought. EGO, a cordless outdoor power equipment maker, offered one of their products for review and I left it up to them to choose. Imagine my surprise—and disappointment—when I opened… Read More

Hot on the heels of Misfit’s jump into the smartwatch arena, they are now branching out with a new company called InstruMMents that has just unveiled their first product, the 01. Not exactly the most clever name I’ve heard for a first product, but the product itself does look pretty clever. The O1 is a… Read More

Hanging pictures can be a nightmare of measuring tapes, levels, and holes in the walls – only to end up with your pictures still crooked and out of line.  With the Gallery Magic system, you won’t have to work so hard and still end up with nicely spaced and level artwork.  The first part of… Read More

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