Coast C5795 11 Function Multi-Tool Deluxe Review

I keep a multi-tool in the glove box of my vehicle, one in the tool drawer of Gadgeteer HQ and another in the junk drawer in my kitchen. Why so many multi-tools? Because they provide several functions in one handy package, that would otherwise take up a lot more space. Today I want to show …

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Gerber Artifact vs. Swiss-Tech Utili-Key Review

I enjoy carrying stuff in my pocket or gear bag to take care of everyday annoyances or that can be useful in emergencies- the ‘Be Prepared’ Boy Scout in me. Thanks to a link on The Gadgeteer, I have discovered EDC Forums, a place dedicated to talking about the stuff you usually have with you- they call them ‘Every Day Carry’.

Black & Decker VPX Starter Set Review

We live in a world of convenience and what is more convenient then wireless technology. Now power tools are probably not the first thing to pop into your head when you think of wireless technology, but if you have ever had to unravel an extension cord, navigate it around obstacles then coil it back up, all to complete a five minute job, no wires or cords sounds pretty nice.

Zibra Open It! review

It’s probably no surprise when I tell you that I get a lot of products in the mail each week. With the receiving of these products, comes the task of opening the package that they were shipped in. More often than not, these products come encased in clear plastic sealed containers that defy easy opening. Today I want to show you an easy to use inexpensive tool that can help you open those #[email protected][email protected] plastic packages with ease. It’s the Zibra Open It!

SOG S63 EOD PowerLock w/V-Cutter Multi-tool

Is it weird that as a girl, I like tools? I mean, I don’t have a job that requires tools… I’m a corporate america techie that sits in a cube all day long pecking away on a PC and answering / making phone calls for my CAD and data management user support job. Not exactly the type of career that requires me to carry around a pair of pliers, screw driver or saw. But I have always loved pocket knives and small pocket type tools. I guess it comes from my Dad who had a wonderful little pocket knife collection, that I would ‘play with’ whenever my parents would leave my sister and I unattended.

ColdHeat Freestyle Cordless Glue Gun

Ok, this is going to be one of those reviews that will probably not to appeal to regular ole Joe Geek. Unless Joe Geek also happens to have a crafty side. Today I’m going to tell you about a glue gun. Wait, don’t go away yet! It’s cordless! Yeah, I knew that get you interested… The Freestyle cordless glue gun from ColdHeat is just what you need for those marathon refrigerator magnet making parties.

Swiss+Tech Tools Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

I love the whole idea behind the “multi-tool”, a gadget that usually combines a knife blade (or two) with several different types of screw drivers and in some cases adds a set of pliers. However, most multi-tools have one thing in common: even though they are more convenient than carrying a small toolbox, they are …

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