Swiss+Tech Tools Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

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I love the whole idea behind the “multi-tool”, a gadget that usually combines a knife blade (or two) with several different types of screw drivers and in some cases adds a set of pliers. However, most multi-tools have one thing in common: even though they are more convenient than carrying a small toolbox, they are usually still a bit too bulky for the average person’s pocket. Today I am going to take a look at the Swiss+Tech Tools Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool, a petite multi-tool that can be conveniently carried on a keychain. In fact, the Utili-Key fits so well on a keychain that at first glance it could be mistaken as one of the keys. I am pretty sure that this is on the TSA banned list, but as long as the owner isn’t trying to carry it onto a plane there should be no problem.

swiss tech tools 6in1 tool1

Photo courtesy of Think Geek

Hidden inside the 2.8″ long x 0.75″ x 0.1″ 420 stainless steel key-shaped exterior are six handy tools which are revealed when the user opens the tool. Included are a half-serrated and half-straight knife blade, a small flat screw driver, a small Phillips screw driver, a micro eyeglass screw driver and a bottle opener.

The tool is opened by grasping the two edges that make up the end of the “key” and tugging them apart. I have to admit that I have a slightly irrational fear of slicing my fingers open when doing this, but so far it hasn’t happened – knock on wood. ;0)

swiss tech tools 6in1 tool2

Photo courtesy of Think Geek

Once the tool is opened, it can be locked at a 90º angle or extended to a fully opened 180º, either setting allowing the user to expose the needed tools whatever their most convenient setting may be.

swiss tech tools 6in1 tool3

swiss tech tools 6in1 tool4

Closing the tool is accomplished by bringing the two ends back together until they lock together with a satisfying click.

swiss tech tools 6in1 tool5

Granted, there is no set of pliers on this multi-tool, but the device could not be so tiny and pocketable if there were. There’s not a lot to say or show regarding this gadget; it’s just one of those items that you either need or you don’t. But for $9.99, the price at which it is offered on the Think Geek site, the Utili-Key is inexpensive enough that it can be added to every keyring and kept at the ready for those times when it is needed. I think it’s pretty cool!

The Swiss+Tech Tools Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool is available from Think Geek and other retailers.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Swiss+Tech Tools
  • Instant access to six handy tools
  • Fits on a kaychain so it's always handy
  • Inexpensive
  • Will probably get confiscated if carried through a TSA checkpoint
  • Opening bottles is risky due to open blade

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