Judie Stanford

MyKeyO Keyboard and Organizer

It never seems as if I have enough storage space for all of the
“stuff” that magically gravitates to the limited surface space of
my desk. I’m talking about the type things that I may not need
right now, but that I can’t misplace; things like extra earpieces
or jack adapters for a set of headphones, a stick of lip balm,
loose memory cards, or a pair of earrings I just removed and don’t
want to roll off the side of my desk and under the couch – or
worse, be eaten by my dog.. Since I have a desktop box that also
serves as the base for my monitor, it only seems natural that it
should also function as a catch-all for crap (errrr, things) that
need to be perched somewhere safe until needed. On any given day
there will be a small pile sitting there – the sight of which never
ceases to aggravate me because I really don’t like clutter.

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Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-09-29

It wasn’t long ago that I took a look at one of the most entertaining Palm and Pocket PC games available, Astraware’s Broken Sword. Alison Barclay has just sent me the latest: “THE MIDLANDS, UK – September 28th, 2006 – Astraware and Revolution Software are excited to announce a special Broken Sword promotion to celebrate

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TerraLUX WorkStar60 LED Work Light

Here’s a scenario…You are outside working on something important,
and the traditional hanging shop light which is hooked to your
workspace gets dislodged. It falls, and the hot light bulb inside
the metal protective cage shatters into a million pieces – leaving
you and your project in total darkness. Or perhaps that light
doesn’t get dislodged, but instead the bulb burns out at an
inconvenient time. Or okay, here’s another: what if you need the
light while working on a project in the middle of nowhere, but
there is no outlet anywhere nearby – perhaps not for miles. If you
can picture yourself in any of those situations, then you’ll
appreciate the product I’ll be talking about today, the TerraLUX
WorkStar60 LED Work Light.

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EDGE Tech diskGO 2.5″ Backup Ultra Portable Hard Drive

One of my regularly watched television shows is the Discovery Channel’s It Takes a Thief. The point of the show is to demonstrate how easy it is for a thief to break into someone’s house and steal everything with any value; the show aims to educate people on better ways to protect themselves from being a victim. On one of last season’s episodes, they featured a grandmother who had transferred all of her family photos and documents to her computer’s hard drive. During the course of that particular show’s staged robbery, the thief emptied the grandmother’s silver drawer, jewelry box and medicine cabinet, and then he picked up her computer tower and casually carried it out the door. Had the robbery been real, all of her carefully collected family photos and documents would have been gone forever. Even though the “victim” knew she would be getting all of her possessions back at the end of the show, I still couldn’t help but feel sorry for her as she agonized over the idea of losing her digital treasures.

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RoboForm2Go USB Key

Anyone that uses the internet knows that passwords play a necessary
role in the online experience. On any given day a single person may
utilize dozens of passwords while accomplishing such mundane tasks
as making posts to a bulletin board, purchasing an item, or
checking their child’s school grades. Over time, unless the same
exact password is always used, managing this large number of
passwords and the sites for which they work will become a

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4800mAh Mugen Battery Replacement for the HTC Universal / i-mate JasJar

Most of the time, I find that the i-mate JasJar’s 1620mAh factory
original battery is sufficient to make it through a typical day.
However when I am using the built-in wireless extensively, when I
am traveling, or when I am not able to recharge at some point
during the day, I have noticed a definite need for a backup power
solution. That’s why I was very interested to learn that Lion
Battery was carrying a 4800mAh Mugen Power Battery replacement for
the HTC Universal / i-mate JasJar.

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