4800mAh Mugen Battery Replacement for the HTC Universal / i-mate JasJar

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Most of the time, I find that the i-mate JasJar’s 1620mAh factory original
battery is sufficient to make it through a typical day. However when I am using
the built-in wireless extensively, when I am traveling, or when I am not able to
recharge at some point during the day, I have noticed a definite need for a
backup power solution. That’s why I was very interested to learn that
Lion Battery was carrying a
4800mAh Mugen
Power Battery replacement for the HTC Universal / i-mate JasJar

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 1

Included in the package are the 4800mAh battery and a replacement battery

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 2

As anyone that has ever owned an extended battery can tell you, there are
trade-offs involved in their use…well, really just one: in return for better
than double the original battery life, the extended battery will be at least
the size of the original. This generally means that a somewhat svelte
device will acquire what amounts to a rather noticeable beer gut.

Exhibit A: In this picture we see the JasJar, already one of the
larger and heavier Pocket PCs, measuring 5.175" tall x 3.134" wide x 0.932"
thick and weighing 10.2 ounces.

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 3

The stock battery keeps the back of the device as level as possible.

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 4

The battery cover is a flat piece of plastic that reiterates the lower height
of the battery it covers.

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 5

Exhibit B: Here is a photo of the JasJar with the 4800mAh Mugen
battery installed. It now measures 5.175" tall x 3.134" wide by 1.24"
thick, and it now weighs 12.2 ounces.

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 6

There is now a 0.34" protrusion rising above the JasJar’s metal back.

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 7

The battery cover is 0.376" deep, reflecting the need to conceal the 0.5"
thick Mugen Battery.

mugen 4800 jasjar battery 8

The addition of the extended battery does not interfere with using the
Universal’s keyboard, in fact I found it provided a comfortable and almost
contoured resting place for my fingers on the previously flat back of the
device. Of course, cases made for the Universal will no longer fit when the
Mugen Battery is in place.

Have I scared you off yet? I hope not…because if you need better battery
life than the factory original provides, then this is definitely the way to go.
Take a look at the results I obtained when using

, a free battery life measurement utility. Both tests were
conducted with the backlight on medium the entire time the utility ran. Running
the media player, WiFi, BT, or another battery intensive application might lower
these numbers by as much as half.

Regular battery test: 303 minutes, or approximately 5 hours

Extended battery test: 890 minutes, or close to 15 hours

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

If you are someone that sits at your desk all day, never venturing far from a
power outlet, then you probably have no use for an extended battery. But if you
are always on the go – traveling, visiting job sites, or commuting, then you
have most likely felt the sting of an unexpected and unwanted low battery
warning. The
4800mAh Mugen Power Battery
was made for you. It enables and supports
the word "mobile" in Windows Mobile Computing.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Mugen Power Batteries
Retailer:Lion Battery
  • HTC Universal and its otherwise branded spawn
  • Awesome battery life - enough said!
  • Expensive
  • Universal will no longer fit in regular cases

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  2. Hey that looks pretty good, my only question is what case will work with this set-up? Very good article, Thanks.

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