Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-09-05

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Day 3 of my NYC vacation saw the end to the perfect weather. Oh
well ;o) It really didn’t start getting too drippy until after
noon. This morning we managed to make it to the top (86th floor) of
the Empire State Building. I posted a couple of pix to my Flikr

We also explored Greenwich Village and took in a Broadway show
(Beauty and the Beast). Nope, still no Apple store, Nintendo store
or SonyStyle store! Tomorrow for sure… At least I sure hope so,
since we won’t have time Thursday before leaving to come back

Speaking of Apple, I have been really amazed by how many people
here in NYC that I’ve seen sporting an iPod. I haven’t kept a
census or anything, but it seems like every 5th person to walk by
has those famous little white ear buds stuck in their ears. And if
they don’t have an iPod, they have a cell phone stuck to the side
of their head and a digital camera in their hand. I’ve also noticed
that so many people (including men) carry gear bags.

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