Bridge V-Clip Review

Product Requirements:
Palm V/Vx

The Bridge V-Clip is a new version of the popular Palm V Bridge accessory from Midwest PCB Designs. This small connector allows you to use older PalmPilot or Palm III series accessories with the Palm V and Palm Vx PDAs.

The Bridge V-Clip plugs onto a PalmPilot accessory and then the Palm V/Vx plugs into it. The connector that is used for the Bridge V-Clip is the same
connector that is used on the Palm V/Vx HotSync cable. Some of the different accessories that you can use the Bridge V-Clip with the original GoType! keyboard, PalmPilot modem, PalmPilot HotSync cable, PalmPilot cradle, Palm III/IIIx cradle, FlashPlug 8meg module, TaleLights and more.

Being able to use your older accessories with your newer
Palm V/Vx helps to save you money from having to purchase all new Palm V/Vx
accessories if you have upgraded from an older PalmPilot or Palm III.I also like using the Bridge V-Clip at work on my older PalmPilot style
hotsync cable. I don’t have an extra Palm V cradle to use at work and
purchasing one costs about $50. Purchasing a Palm V hotsync cable is about
the same price because you can’t buy one separately but one comes with the
$50 Palm V
Travel kit. Using the Bridge V-Clip with an older PalmPilot hotsync cable works
great and is less expensive.

How does the Bridge V-Clip differ from Midwest PCB Designs original Palm V
Bridge? The connector that plugs into the hotsync port of the Palm V/Vx uses
small clips so that there is
a nice secure fit. The original Bridge used the same connector that the Palm V
cradle uses. This connector doesn’t actually attach to the Palm V, the Palm V just sits
on it. As a result, if you wanted to use a PalmPilot modem with the Palm V using
the Palm V Bridge, you had to hold all three items together or the connection
might be broken. With the new Bridge V-Clip, you don’t have to worry about this.

The only slight problem that I found with the Bridge V-Clip is that sometimes
it is hard to remove from the accessory. I’ve only had this problem with a
hotsync cable though.

There a couple of things that the Bridge V-Clip can’t do. You can’t use the
Bridge V-Clip on a Palm IIIc cradle and expect it to charge the batteries of
your Palm V/Vx. The charging circuitry is different. You also can’t charge the
Palm V/Vx batteries when using the Palm V with an older PalmPilot or Palm III
series cradle.I think that the Bridge V-Clip is a good alternative to the PalmDock
which is another adapter that allows you to use older PalmPilot
accessories with the Palm V/Vx. Although the PalmDock may be a more elegant
looking solution, but the Bridge V-Clip is smaller, simpler and quite a
bit cheaper.



Price: $22.00 (Where to buy)

Ability to use older PalmPilot accessories with the Palm V/Vx.
Small and easy to use.


Can be tight fit on some accessories.

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Product Information

Manufacturer:Midwest PCB Designs
  • Ability to use older PalmPilot accessories with the Palm V/Vx.
  • Small and easy to use.
  • Can be tight fit on some accessories.

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