Bluetooth earbuds

I am writing this review on a train while heading into the City of Philadelphia for a business meeting. I also happen to be listening to one of my favorite podcasts on my new favorite headphones: the Syllable D300L Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. I’ve been using these for a month, and I am a big fan… Read More

To enjoy your favorite music and podcasts in private, you will either need to sequester yourself in a room or you can use headphones, earphones, or earbuds. While you’re at it, go wireless because who likes to be tethered to their device? No one, that’s who. If you don’t already have a good pair of wireless… Read More

Zipbuds, did extensive research to find out what customers what in a pair of wireless sports earbuds and 26 is what they came up with. 26 are wireless earbuds that feature a built-in subwoofer, 144 unique fit combinations for the best comfort possible, and 15-hour battery life. The wireless earbuds have QuickCharge technology that provides… Read More

I’m a firm believer in futurism, the coming-true of farfetched science fiction concepts. One of the seemingly impossible devices I remember reading about was featured in Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451. The main character’s wife would lie awake at night listening to the “beetles” in her ear — tiny radio earbuds — chittering away deep… Read More

Seems like just yesterday the world was introduced to wireless headphones, now they’re everywhere. So many models and price points to choose from it can literally make ones head spin. So what makes a good pair of wireless headphones? Well, that can vary from person to person. For me its a few things. Style, comfort… Read More

2016 marked the beginning of the end for many electronic ports that we have all come to know and love. Change is difficult but this consolidation and optimization of ports will ultimately mean thinner, lighter devices. The most controversial loss was Apple’s “brave” iPhone 7/7+ decision to ditch the headphone port that has been with… Read More

I walk and listen to music or podcasts pretty regularly. Because of the heat this summer, I started doing it in a mall about ten minutes from my house, and have kept at it through the rain and cold this fall and winter. I was recently sent a Lucid Audio AMPED Bluetooth neckband system, which I’ve… Read More

True wireless headphones, those in-ear Bluetooth headphones that have neither a cord connecting them to music or to each other, are the cutting edge of gadget technology. Most people have been excited to try them, but often are frustrated by poor connectivity performance, poor fit, short battery life, or a combination of factors. Manufacturers are therefore… Read More

I’ve been on a quest to find the most comfortable and best sounding wireless earbuds on the market and the latest pair that I’ve had the opportunity to test are The Dash from Bragi. Bragi The Dash started out as a crowdfunding project in the fall of 2014 that earned over 3 million dollars. Let’s… Read More

I’m on a quest to find a great sounding comfortable pair of truly wireless earbuds that I can wear for more than a few minutes without discomfort and the Syllable D900 Mini wireless earbuds that I’m currently testing show real promise for earning a spot on my favorite gear list. What is it? Syllable D900 Mini… Read More

I’ve been on the hunt for a set of wireless headphones for quite a while, even before Apple declared is “war on wires” (my words, not theirs) with their latest iPhone 7 models. My main criterion for wireless headphones was that I could wear them while working out, meaning that they wouldn’t be negatively affected by… Read More

I’ve seen the writing on the wall and know that the days of wired earbuds, earphones and headphones are numbered. I’m not sad about this because dangling earphone wires are one thing in my life that I definitely won’t miss when they are gone. However, finding the perfect pair of wireless earbuds is not easy. The… Read More

Bluetooth, the de facto standard in wireless connections, is really getting a workout these days. Speakers, keyboards, stylii, headphones, and even key-fob trackers all depend on this tech to attach to your smart devices. The D700 Sport earbuds, a recent entrant into the field of BT earbuds was sent to me from a company called Syllable… Read More

Wireless earbuds are great because they are… well… wireless! But one negative thing about them is that they require charging. That means that the minute you want to listen to something, they probably need to be recharged. Of course, you can just recharge them often, but it’s sometimes tough to remember do that. A solution… Read More

Last year Julie and I reviewed the Jabra Sport Coach and Sport Pulse wireless headphones, respectively. Both are sweat-proof Bluetooth earbuds with a built-in virtual coach designed to not only stream your motivational music but provide verbal feedback on how your workout is going. The Jabra Sport Pulse earbuds add the ability to monitor and wirelessly stream your heart rate data to… Read More