Dave Moore

Suaoki 150Wh Portable Solar Charger review

In the summer of 2017, my family traveled to my wife’s home in the central Philippines. While waiting for a ferry to her island, an earthquake struck. Moments later, the power went out. In a few days, the rolling blackouts, heat, humidity and need to keep medical equipment functioning drove the need to purchase a …

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Aukey DR02 Dual dash cam review

The system records 1080P from both cameras simultaneously which could prove invaluable in a fender-bender. It’s also fun just to review the recordings just to see things you missed while paying attention to the road like a well-behaved motorist should.

ConnectSense Smart Outlet review

I grew up watching Star Trek and always thought that talking to a computer was the coolest thing! With Siri, Google and Alexa were getting darn close to Captain Kirk’s Enterprise. Ahhh, the joys of home automation! I love it when something cumbersome becomes effortless. Adding ConnectSense’s new Smart Outlet to my home automation system …

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Chamberlain MyQ Wi-Fi hub and Home Bridge Review

If your home is anything like mine, we don’t use our front door much. More times than not, we come and go through the garage door, even when not using a vehicle. Inevitably, the door gets left open, creating an ideal habitat for many friendly (and not so friendly) woodland creatures. This doesn’t happen much …

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HYDAWAY collapsible water bottle review

I’ve always been a big fan of space-saving gadgetry and have become quite skilled at minimalistic travel. I typically carry a collapsible bowl, titanium spork, and an inflatable water bottle. The water bottle was lightweight, but difficult to clean and prone to leakage.  Most of the deficiencies have been addressed with HYDAWAY collapsible bottles. HYDAWAY …

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Jewelry by Johan’s Doodle Ring is a ring for fidget fans

Last month, my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and renewed our vows. As part of the ceremony, we exchanged new “spinner” rings I bought in Israel. I chose these rings because I’m constantly fiddling with my wedding band. If you share my affinity for band twisting, Jewelry by Johan’s Doodle Ring might …

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Tronsmart Encore S5 Bluetooth True Wireless Headphones review

With smartphones gradually evolving to pack more technology into the same space, become sturdier and waterproof, manufacturers have removed the ubiquitous and familiar 1/8” stereo/microphone jack. While his innovation is somewhat controversial, at least for the mean time, dongles of various shapes and sizes have entered the scene permitting users to enjoy their “traditional” headphones, …

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Brainwavz B200 Balanced Armature earbuds review

I’ve traveled extensively throughout my varied careers and learned a long time ago that if something is too large to be easily carried, it will ultimately be left behind for smaller versions. As a result, I’ve opted for the smallest, lightest weight devices I can lay my hands on, sometimes sacrificing higher quality.

igloohome Deadbolt 02 Digital smart Lock review

My home is located at the very end of the power company’s circuit. As a result, if anything anomalous happens upstream, our power goes out. Frustratingly, the houses across the street are on another substation circuit and we can see their lights and flickering television screens while we sit by flashlight or candle light, hoping …

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Antennas Direct Clearstream 4Max digital television antenna review

Over the past few years, our culture has experienced a quantum shift in the way we receive information and entertainment. For the most part, gone are the days when we waited breathlessly for the magic hour when our favorite television program would grace our flickering screens. YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and a plethora of other on-demand …

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