When I was a teenager, I had acne and was self-conscience about the way I looked. I remember trying different types of cleansers, lotions, buff puff cleaning pads that exfoliated my skin, drugs perscribed by the dermatologist, and other things. Nothing much helped me back then and I’m so glad I finally grew out of… Read More

When it comes to house cleaning chores, I’m probably not much different than you. I can find a thousand things I’d rather do than sweep and mop floors. That’s why I love robotic vacuums. I’ve been using the Neato BotVac 80 for over a year and absolutely love that I rarely need to vacuum because… Read More

It is nearly impossible to rid kitchen sponges of food particles and contaminants once they are soiled by unclean surfaces. The moist, porous, nutrient-rich environment of a dirty sponge may harbor microbiological organisms, many of which may be pathogenic. So after you’ve read the previous sentence and thrown out your old sponge, replace it with… Read More

Laundreez: Portable Clothes Washer

When imagining your travel plans, you try to ignore the pile of dirty laundry heading back home with you. Delaying the unpacking won’t help. Here’s something that might – the Laundreez Portable Clothes Washer. The Laundreez consists of a mesh bag held inside a waterproof bag. You place clothes in the mesh bag, which can… Read More

Get rid of strange smells in your clothes, gym bag, closets, car, or bathroom using the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag. This bag contains non-toxic natural Moso bamboo charcoal which covers an area of 90 square feet and absorbs odors, pollutants, allergens and excess moisture from the air. It needs to be recharged once per… Read More

Over the years, The Gadgeteer has told you about a variety of devices that use UV light to sanitize your gadgets and gear or even your carpets.  (Check the links at the end of this post to read about some of these products.)  There’s one potentially very germy item in your home that hasn’t been… Read More

Do you use a Clarisonic or similar facial and skin-cleaning system?  Do you ever wonder what’s growing on your brushes after a few uses?  Replacement brushes are expensive, so you can use them once and toss them, so you need a good way to disinfect them.  The Facial Cleansing Brush Germ Eliminator uses ultraviolet light to… Read More

For some reason, ThinkGeek calls this the Smartphone Kit of Perpetual Cleaning.  It’s not just for cleaning smartphones, though.  You can clean any of your devices with delicate glass parts, such as your camera lenses, as well as binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, and even your glasses and sunglasses.  The kit includes 12 disposable lens cleaners, Dust… Read More

Washing clothes can make the fabric pill and the colors fade.  Dry cleaning your clothes is costly and inconvenient.  Of course, you need cleaned clothes, so what do you do?  You could use the SWASH Express Clothing Care System instead.  Hang one or two items in the SWASH, insert a SWASH Pod, and your clothes… Read More

Flashback to several weeks ago… It’s 3:30pm and I race home from my day job so I can work on Gadgeteer reviews for 90 minutes until Jeanne gets home from work. I sit down in front of my MacBook Pro for some quality writing time when the phone rings. I answer the call. It’s Jeanne. “Can… Read More

The Panda Compact Washing Machine is only 14″ wide and 19.3″ tall, but it can wash 5.5 pounds of laundry.  You just plug it in, load in your clothes, and add water and detergent, and it will handle the washing.  It’s good for doing small loads and can handle delicates to towels.  It’s great for… Read More

When my daughter recently moved into her dorm room, the first thing I did was put a mattress encasement on that mattress that had been used for years by people doing who knows what.  shudder!  I wish I had had this Verilux vacuum with me, too.  The CleanWave Sanitizing Portable Vacuum is a hand-held model that is… Read More

*That’s what the folks at AM Labs postulate, anyway.  There’s no data that actually quantifies and compares the cleanliness of the two, but you have a pretty good idea from just looking that your mobile devices and computer keyboards and screens have “schmutz” on them.  They have oil from your skin, dirt, dust, and grime… Read More

I recently bought an iRobot floor cleaner, and while digging around on their site, I found they also sell a little robot that can take over the chore of cleaning out your gutters for you.   The iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot is only about 2″ tall X 3″ wide by 15.6″ long, so it… Read More

A floor cleaning robot is one gadget I’ve yet to try, but the ECOVACS Winbot window cleaning robot looks very interesting to me. I hate cleaning windows… a fact that would become immediately clear to you if you were at my house right now. Winbot attaches to the window with suction and cleans using special reusable pads… Read More