Lubluelu 202 Self-standing cordless vacuum review – the little vacuum that could

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REVIEW – When we bought our house 2 years ago we had hard floors and carpet put in. Our main vacuum was a huge, heavy plug-in that could suck a floor mat off the floor and destroy it. We added a self-cleaning robot vacuum which is good for a weekly run around the house, but not convenient for the quick clean-up after cooking a meal, or those small messes that happen from time to time. When the Lubluelu 202 Self-standing Cordless Vacuum came up for review, I knew I wanted to give it a try and add it to our arsenal of house cleaning machines.

What is it?

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Early in our marriage, my wife and I had an early model of a stick-vac. It was corded, heavy, and very difficult to use. You practically had to disassemble the entire thing to empty it. These days, all the stick-vacs on the market are priced very affordably and come in a wide range of features and powers.

The Lubluelu 202 Self-standing Cordless Vacuum is the exact opposite of that early model we had 30-something years ago. It is a very powerful, battery-powered stick-vac type of vacuum that is perfect for the daily grab-and-go type of cleanup. It’s lightweight and should help in not tiring me out when I use it to go over the whole house. As long as the battery holds out.

Hardware specs

  • Model Number: 202
  • Rated Motor Power: 235W, 120,000rpm
  • Battery: 26V, 2200mAH
  • Battery Time: 20 mins (carpet) to 45 mins (hard floors)
  • Suction: 10kPa (hard floor) to 25kPa (carpet)
  • Filter: 4-layer HEPA
  • Noise Level: 69 dB
  • Charger Output: 26.5 V/0.55 A
  • Box Size: 12.6 X 5.12 X 5.91 in
  • Weight: 2.47 kg
  • Materials: Plastic and Metal
  • Warranty: 24-month

What’s in the box

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    • Main Engine
    • Floor brush
    • Adjustable Metal Tube
    • Soft Dusting Brush
    • Long Suction Nozzle (crevice tool)
    • 2 HEPA Filters
    • Charger
  • Hair Cleaning Tool
  • Wall Bracket
  • Instruction Manual

Design and features

Right out of the box, I was impressed with the Lubluelu 202. The main unit, which houses the motor and dust bin is lightweight and very ergonomic in the hand. It weighs just a little more than our dust buster handheld vac. I could easily see the Lubluelu 202 replacing our handheld “dust buster”. Assembling the Lubluelu 202 is as simple as connecting the main unit to the tube and then the tube to the floor brush. Charge the battery to its fullest, and off you go.

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The Main Engine (as Lubluelu calls it) has one button that selects the suction power (Min, Mid, and Max). These levels would go as follows: Min=light debris on a hard floor (tile or wood), Mid=heavy debris on a hard floor, and Max=carpeted floor. A 3-bar power meter shows you how much battery power is remaining. When charging, this power meter will rotate through the three bars until the battery is fully charged. Charging a completely empty battery takes about 4 12 hours.

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The Lubluelu 202 is self-standing, which is nice when you need to walk away from it or store it in a closet. All of the connections and the floor brush’s pivot point are very sturdy and at no time did they feel weak or cheap. The vacuum is very well made and should last quite a while. While testing, we did drop it a couple of times trying to stand it up and not having the floor brush pivot point locked. The vacuum survived the falls with just a few scrapes on the Main Engine.

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It does come with a wall bracket that will hold the attachments and the vacuum securely against a wall. Mounting it near an outlet will make it easy to charge.

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The tube that connects the motor to the floor brush is very lightweight metal and extendable. It can go from about 16 12” to 24 12” in just about 38” increments. In other words, the overall length of the Lubluelu 202 is adjustable from kid-sized to adult. Parents, put your kids to work vacuuming the house. They’ll thank you for it when they get their own place.

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Turning the Lubluelu 202 Self-standing cordless vacuum on and off is as simple as pulling the trigger.

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Maneuvering the Lubluelu 202 is very easy. The floor brush pivots and glides around furniture legs with ease. It has a very low profile (only 3”) to fit under most furniture. The floor brush also has 3 very bright white LEDs on the front to illuminate the floor in front of you. You can see debris on the floor easily with the LEDs, however, I feel if they were green and slightly angled toward the floor better, the debris would show much better.

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The Lubluelu 202 Self-standing cordless vacuum comes with a minimal set of attachments for a budget vacuum. It has a dust or baseboard brush, a crevice tool, and the floor brush mentioned earlier.

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I had to take a trip for work recently, and had to take my work laptop with me. It’s been on my desk for two years and was quite dusty, especially on the cooling fans. I put the dust brush on the Main Engine, and cleaned it right up. It worked great!

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The dustbin lid is released by opening the latch on the front of the unit. Just open it over a trashcan, or you’ll be vacuuming again.

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The dustbin on the Lubluelu 202 is rated to hold 1.5L. I think this number is somewhat exaggerated as the dustbin canister has a maximum level marked on it that is about 1 34” from the bottom of the canister and the entire canister is 5” tall (most of it is the 2-stage filter). So by my calculations, that means it will hold about 500mL of debris, which is pretty standard capacity for this style of vacuum.

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The motor is moderately noisy. I tested the motor running on different floors and speed settings, and the sound hovered around the 40-45 dB levels. This was lower than the rated sound level of 69 dB.

Charging and Battery life

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Charging the Lubluelu 202 Self-standing cordless vacuum is just about as easy as it could be. The charging cable plugs into the battery either inserted into the Main Engine or detached. Both the battery and the Main Engine have charging indicators that blink while charging and are solid when finished. Charging the battery took about 4 hours the first time.

Battery life on the Lubluelu 202 was surprisingly long. The battery is very small, and I didn’t expect it to last very long. The three bedrooms in our very small house are carpeted and the rest of the house is hard floor. The Lubluelu 202’s battery lasted long enough to vacuum the entire house and ran out just as we finished. You can purchase additional batteries for this model and they are not very expensive. Having a second battery charged and ready to use would be best for medium to larger homes.


Cleaning the vacuum is just about what you’d expect. Emptying the dustbin is simple enough. Just open it and dump it out. Wiping it with a damp cloth to clean the inside will help prolong the filter’s life.

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Speaking of the filter, it is a two-staged HEPA filter and is washable. Just make sure to let it dry thoroughly before using the vacuum again.

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While other vacuums may be advertised as “tangle-free”, meaning the roller will not get long strings or hairs wrapped around it, the Lubluelu 202 Self-standing cordless vacuum is not. The roller in the floor brush will get the occasional string or long hair tangled around it. The roller is easily removed and there is a tool included with the vacuum to cut and remove such pesky strings and hair. This tool also has bristles on it to brush out anything stuck in the roller. The bristles are not quite stiff enough to get the job done alone. I had to pick at the roller brush to get all the hair out of it.

What I like

  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Height can be adjusted to 20 different settings
  • Powerful, even on carpet
  • Bright LEDs to light the way
  • Battery is adequate

What I’d change

  • Green LEDs that are angled more toward the floor
  • Stiffer bristles on the roller cleaning tool

Final Thoughts

The Lubluelu 202 Self-standing Cordless Vacuum is a very capable vacuum that holds its own against other more expensive vacuums. It has adequate power to work on carpets and rugs, and has a couple of useful attachments. The battery lasted long enough to cover our entire house, but our house is on the smaller size. Maintenance and cleaning the roller takes a little longer than I would like, but it’s not too bad. The Lubluelu 202 is a worthy contender in the very crowded stick-vac marketplace.

Price: Amazon-$119.99 US. As of this writing, there is a $30 coupon.
Where to buy: Amazon or
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Lubluelu.

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