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There are a few Gadgeteer reviewers who have liked Waterfield bags, myself included. For years, Waterfield has made bags of all sizes and uses—and they are made in the good ole U.S.A. My first Waterfield product was a small, zippered pouch to hold my iPod (remember those?) along with earphones and necessary wiring. Last year… Read More

I prefer leather messenger bags to carry my gear around with me. Many of the bags I review are large enough to lug around all of my EDC gear and my 15″ MacBook as well. But when a bag is that big and made from extra thick cowhide they are heavy, many four to five pounds or more… Read More

If you’re a Gadgeteer, you most likely have some favorite EDC (Every Day Carry) items that you carry with you on a regular basis. That either means you have huge pockets, or you use a gear bag like I do. Trying to find the holy grail of gear bags is a quest that a lot… Read More

Are you a fan of HBO’s Westworld? I was able to watch part of the first season during a free HBO weekend on DirecTV and thought it was a fun sci-fi series. I love the old west meets futuristic high-tech theme and the new Maverick leather messenger bag from Waterfield looks like it could fit… Read More

Do you love all things Halo? Are you constantly seeking out Halo merchandise to sport your fandom? Perhaps this Halo 5 Master Chief Messenger Bag is something you need to add to your collection. This cool looking messenger bag is made of nylon, polyester, and polyurethane and is 16 inches wide x 13 1/2 inches… Read More

It’s called the Front Pocket Pouch and it’s being described as a smaller version of the Saddleback Leather messenger bag. It’s been designed for those times when you don’t need to carry your laptop, but is large enough that it will fit an iPad mini and your other small EDC items. This small uni-sex bag… Read More

Photography tools have changed considerably over the past fifteen years. Used to be, you had to have a large camera body, many varied lenses, and dozens of filters, flashes, and meters to capture the perfect photo. True photogs shot on film, so there needed to be a place to hold unexposed rolls and exposed rolls… Read More

What do you get when you cross a traditional messenger bag with high-end camera bag features and user customization options? You get the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag which was an insanely successful Kickstarter project from earlier this summer which brought in more than 4.8 million dollars in pledges. If that number made you look… Read More

Messenger bags are my favorite style of gear bags. I’ve been carrying one for years. They are great because they are roomy enough to hold a lot of gear. But for those times when you don’t need to carry everything but the kitchen sink, they can be a little too spacious. The Setgo Jump Jet… Read More

Messenger bags are my favorite style of bags because they are casual, don’t fall over when you set them on a flat surface and can hold all my gear with room to spare. Thousands of other people must also like messenger bags because Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $1M… Read More

Messenger bags are my favorite style of everyday bag because they can pretty much hold everything but the kitchen sink you need them to. If you’re as much of a fan of WaterField bags as I am, you’ll be interested to know that WaterField has recently introduced their new Vitesse messenger bag. The bag is… Read More

The Olde Book Messenger Bag may look like an old leather-bound book, but it’s actually a messenger bag that can hold up to a 15″ MacBook.  It has a 100% polyurethane outer, 100% polyester lining, bronze-colored findings, and gold details.  The bag has a grab handle on top and a removable shoulder strap that adjusts from… Read More

If the cutesy diaper bags with pastel-colored baby animals aren’t for you, you probably have had a hard time finding a diaper bag that you can use.  Tom Bihn, after time spent coming up with the best design they thought they could make, has introduced the Parental Unit.  This diaper bag looks like a standard… Read More

For my work I carry a bunch of stuff with me including a laptop, iPad, two mobile phones, a notebook, and various thumb drives, a portable drive, and tools.  I always keep an eye out for gear bags that look sturdy, can handle all my gear, any kind of weather and that I can throw around… Read More

I have always had a fascination with messenger bags, but have never found one that fit my needs. I love the roominess of messenger bags but I hate the lack of compartment separation and a secure location for my laptop or iPad. The Lunar Mirror Messenger from Altego has a solution for my problem. Note… Read More