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Last year I reviewed Thinkware’s F50, a minimalistic, plug & play dashcam that does a great job capturing video while motoring down the road…quick to setup and easy/simple to use. For this review, Thinkware sent me their new upper end X550, a more feature-rich, GPS-enabled dashcam with 2.7″ LCD screen and driver assist that fills the… Read More

Is it wrong every time I receive a new dashcam to review I hope and pray for something crazy/insane to happen in front of me while driving? I firmly believe in the benefits of dashcams and recording the world zipping by while motoring down the road. You never know when something bad is going to… Read More

Do you have a dash cam in your vehicle? A dash cam is the type of gadget that once you install it, you rarely need to use it and that’s not a bad thing because the main reason you might need to use a dash cam is in the event of an accident. Until now… Read More

Star Wars fans will love the Chewbelta Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover, which makes safety fun and furry at the same time.  Inspired by the bandolier style tool-belt worn by Chewbacca, the Chewbelta is made of 100% authentic wookiee fur, measures 20″ x 4″, and fits over your existing seat belt. The extra padding adds comfort to… Read More

Do you remember the Automatic car adapters that I’ve reviewed that track your vehicle’s performance and travels? GOFAR is a similar device that’s less expensive and claims to help you save up to 30% on your car’s running costs. GOFAR has an OBD adapter that plugs into the diagnostic port in your car to interface… Read More

We have reviewed numerous dash cams over the years, but I believe that this is the first backup cam that we’ve reviewed. If I’m wrong about that, then the Pearl RearVision rearview car camera is definitely the first wireless backup cam that we’ve ever reviewed on The Gadgeteer. Let’s put the car in reverse and check it… Read More

When I find a gadget that can make my life easier in some way, that gadget tends to stay in my life.  And the gadgets that just look pretty usually don’t end up finding a place in my day-to-day routine.  So when I ran across the Logitech ZeroTouch car mount (air vent model), with its… Read More

This past Thursday, Jeanne had surgery to remove an angry gallbladder. When we got home after the surgery, we had a little trouble getting her out of my MINI Cooper without causing her pain because my car sits so low to the ground and she had to use her core muscles to help her stand… Read More

If James Bond was looking for an iPhone mount appropriate for his vintage Aston Martin, he’d probably pick the Berrolia No. 2 iPhone Mount. It’s classy. It’s beautifully constructed. Is it right for you? Let’s grab a martini (preferably shaken, not stirred) and check it out! First Impressions When I received the Berrolia No. 2… Read More

Aside from a house, a vehicle may be one of the priciest purchases a person will make. That being the case, most people want to make sure they protect their investment. One of the easiest ways to protect that investment is to know where the vehicle is at all times. Carlock is a small device… Read More

Autobrain review

If you are the parent of a teenager, a baby, or you are concerned about the driving of your elderly parent, the following review will probably be of interest to you. Autobrain has developed a device that you simply plug into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and it transforms your car into a connected smart car… Read More

I have reviewed (more than) my fair share of dashcams and radar detectors over the past few years. All of these devices require power in a relatively inconvenient place in your car. Typically these devices are installed up near your rearview mirror. Few automobiles have a 12V or USB port anywhere near that location. Running… Read More

Last year I reviewed the Max 360, Escort’s feature-packed, flagship radar detector. With everything but the kitchen sink built into it, the device is quite the behemoth. Since then, Escort has released a new high-tech radar detector, the iX as a successor to their renowned Passport 9500iX. The Escort iX is a nice compilation of both, with… Read More

The Ztylus Stinger looks like a handy gadget for your vehicle because it not only allows you to charge two USB devices at the same time but if you get trapped in your car due to an accident or some other reason, you can use the Stinger to shatter one of your side windows and… Read More

Ever dream of using Alexa in your car? Now you can with the ZeroTouch smart car mount from Logitech. The ZeroTouch turns your car into a connected car, so you can send text messages, make hands-free calls, get directions and control your music. The new collaboration  with Logitech and Amazon’s Alexa Service now adds Alexa… Read More