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I’ve been patiently waiting for the Thinkware F800 dashcam to make it to the US market since Thinkware announced their latest flagship @CES 2017, hopeful they would send one my way to review. The F800 is similar to the Thinkware F750 Julie reviewed last year in many ways. Though Thinkware has added polish and features… Read More

I have never had a dash camera before so you are getting my review of the TaoTronics 2K Car Dash Cam (TT-CD06) as a total neophyte. The camera comes well packaged and includes: A camera that supports 2K video recording at 30 fps and 1080P footage at 45 fps for high-quality captures even in low… Read More

Last year I reviewed Thinkware’s F50, a minimalistic, plug & play dashcam that does a great job capturing video while motoring down the road…quick to setup and easy/simple to use. For this review, Thinkware sent me their new upper end X550, a more feature-rich, GPS-enabled dashcam with 2.7″ LCD screen and driver assist that fills the… Read More

Is it wrong every time I receive a new dashcam to review I hope and pray for something crazy/insane to happen in front of me while driving? I firmly believe in the benefits of dashcams and recording the world zipping by while motoring down the road. You never know when something bad is going to… Read More

Do you have a dash cam in your vehicle? A dash cam is the type of gadget that once you install it, you rarely need to use it and that’s not a bad thing because the main reason you might need to use a dash cam is in the event of an accident. Until now… Read More

We have reviewed numerous dash cams over the years, but I believe that this is the first backup cam that we’ve reviewed. If I’m wrong about that, then the Pearl RearVision rearview car camera is definitely the first wireless backup cam that we’ve ever reviewed on The Gadgeteer. Let’s put the car in reverse and check it… Read More

The Kehan Dash Cam, model C891N, is a very good camera. It’s too bad I can’t love it. The picture and sound quality are excellent. The dash cam is easy to install, as long as you are willing and able to wedge the included cable between the windshield and car interior and can contort yourself to secure… Read More

  The dash cam market is a crowded place.  It’s so crowded, I’ve kind of given up on searching for “the best”.  Recently, Waylens released a dash cam called the Horizon that not only boasts excellent image quality but gives the driver the option to overlay vehicle information such as speed, RPM, GPS and more, all… Read More

This year I have reviewed my fair share of dashcams. They seem to have finally made their way to the mainstream US market and I believe that is a good thing. Cause a picture (or video in this case) is definitely worth a thousand words especially in an accident. Several of these dashcams were from VicoVation… Read More

Last month I reviewed the VicoVation OPIA2, a high end, 2K “Extreme” HD, Ultra High Dynamic Range (UHDR) dashcam with a more than solid feature set. The Vico-MF2 is VicoVation’s more moderately priced, mid-range dashcam with the same stellar resolution and more built-in features out of the box for approximately half the price. Let’s see… Read More

Like surveillance systems, dashcams are the type of device that once installed and configured, the hope is that you never need to use/access its video footage. But you never know when you are going to be in or witness an accident or other noteworthy happenstance while driving. While popular around the world, dashcams are slowly gaining popularity here in… Read More

As Julie has mentioned in previous dashcam reviews, this type of device is engineered to not only record your driving adventures, but also document the circumstances “in the event of an accident or for capturing footage of streaking meteors or streaking people on your drives”. While I have yet to witness any naked people run in… Read More

Dash cams are becoming more popular every day and when a product becomes popular, you start seeing a lot of brands from the very inexpensive (some would say cheap) to very expensive (some would say spendy). Today I am taking a look at the Thinkware F750 dash cam which lands in the expensive category with an… Read More

We’ve reviewed a LOT of dash cams over the years, but I think this new dash cam from Pyle is the first one I’d seen that has two cameras. The Pyle Dual Camera & Monitor DVR System fits over your vehicle’s existing rearview mirror and has a camera to point out the windshield and one… Read More

Dash cameras have historically been more prevalent in many other countries than in the US.  (remember the endless dash-cam footage of the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013?) Recently, dash-cams are becoming more popular in the States, either to have as an archive in case of an accident or to record a drive you rather not have your insurance company know about… Read More