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This dashcam protects your car around the clock

Thieves don’t like cameras. That’s what Owl is counting on with their new entry into the ever-crowded dashcam market. Owl is an always-on, multipurpose “Car Cam” which records video when you’re driving and protects your car when you’re elsewhere. This small but powerful device leverages a touchscreen, front and rear-facing cameras, a lot more tech, …

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The 70MAI promises to be the world’s smartest dash cam featuring voice control

In today’s fast-paced world, technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether for entertainment or security, dash cams are now popular devices and manufacturers have responded to the needs and demands of their customers with innovative and convenient designs. Enter the 70MAI, which is being touted as the world’s first and smartest …

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Aukey DR02 Dual dash cam review

The system records 1080P from both cameras simultaneously which could prove invaluable in a fender-bender. It’s also fun just to review the recordings just to see things you missed while paying attention to the road like a well-behaved motorist should.

Thinkware X550 dashcam review

Last year I reviewed Thinkware’s F50, a minimalistic, plug & play dashcam that does a great job capturing video while motoring down the road…quick to setup and easy/simple to use. For this review, Thinkware sent me their new upper end X550, a more feature-rich, GPS-enabled dashcam with 2.7″ LCD screen and driver assist that fills the …

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Pearl RearVision wireless rearview camera review

We have reviewed numerous dash cams over the years, but I believe that this is the first backup cam that we’ve reviewed. If I’m wrong about that, then the Pearl RearVision rearview car camera is definitely the first wireless backup cam that we’ve ever reviewed on The Gadgeteer. Let’s put the car in reverse and check it …

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