Vaja Sync-able Flip Top Palm V/Vx Case Review

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Palm V/Vx

Vaja, a relatively new Palm PDA case
maker has created another high quality leather case for the Palm V/Vx. This new
case allows you to sync and charge the Palm V/Vx while it is still inside the case.
The case comes in a variety of color combinations including: Dark Green All Weather Leather with Dark Tan Leather,
Black All Weather leather with Black leather, Brown All Weather Leather with Brown
Leather, Brown Ostrich/Dark Tan Leather, Black Ostrich/Black Leather, Brown Alligator/Brown Leather, Black Alligator/Black Leather,
and Dark Tan Leather/Dark Tan Leather.
It also comes in a belt clip or a non-belt clip
version. The Palm V/Vx Sync-able case is very similar to the Palm
V/Vx Flip top
and Flip top
wallet case
that I’ve already reviewed.

The Palm V/Vx fits securely in this case. You’ll not have to worry about it
slipping out. The case has 3 pockets in the flip top cover. Two business or
credit card slots and one larger slot behind them. The flip cover also has a
Graffiti reference chart embossed into it. And, like Vaja’s other cases, you can
personalize your case with your name or company logo for an nominal charge.

The case has cutouts for the application buttons, power button and stylus
silos. Nothing is obstructed. There is even a hole in the back of the case so
that you can access the reset switch if your Palm V/Vx crashes.

There are a few significant differences between this new sync-able case and
the previous Vaja cases that I have reviewed. This new case uses two long
rectangular magnets to hold the flip cover closed. I much prefer this closure
method to the use of Velcro. The cover is held closed quite well using this
method. The magnets
are sewn into the leather and are not really visible. You can see their outline
in the picture above. The magnets will not harm your PDA or the data saved on

The main difference with this case is that you can sync and charge the
batteries without needing to remove the Palm V from the case. A cutout on the
back of the case exposes the hotsync port. As long as you have the Palm V/Vx
inserted all the way into the case,  the sync-able case fits into the
hotsync cradle really well. Actually, once you stick your Palm V/Vx into this
case, you might never have to remove it again.

The leather used for this case is of extremely good quality. The leather is also thicker than
the other play through cases on the market. As a result, this case offers more
protection for your PDA in the event of a drop. The flip cover is padded and has
a rigid insert to protect the screen. The case is also lined with a soft leather
to protect it. The workmanship on this case is top rate. I really can’t find
anything to complain about with this case except that it is a bit expensive. If you are looking for an excellent
leather play through case for your Palm V/Vx that doesn’t require you to remove
it when you want to sync or charge the batteries, this is the case for

Price: $69.90 with belt clip, $67.90 without belt clip

Ability to sync and charge batteries while in the case.
Ability to access the reset switch while in the case.
Magnetic closure.
No Velcro!

$20 more expensive that non-sync-able case.


Product Information

  • Ability to sync and charge batteries while in the case.
  • Ability to access the reset switch while in the case.
  • Magnetic closure.
  • No Velcro!
  • $20 more expensive that non-sync-able case.

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