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The Microsoft Office Toy Box – 5 Programs, 50 Tips is a tips and tricks guide from a Microsoft Certified Trainer. This eBook offers a selection of useful tips for using the Microsoft Office suite of apps that includes Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and OneNote. If you haven’t already signed up previously with TradePub, there are… Read More

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To celebrate fall, we are giving away two prize packs consisting of eight awesome products from Skylink, Circle, Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc, Spider Holster, and Blast Motion. To enter, just answer three questions in a comment section at the bottom of this post. And if you’re willing to jump through a few extra hoops, you can… Read More

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Do you brush your teeth at least two times a day, preferably right after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night? If you answered yes, good for you. If you answered no, I foresee dentures in your future. Seriously though, how do you make dental hygiene a habit and… Read More

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Star Wars nerds from the dark side are going to love the Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot by UBTECH. This robot has augmented reality (AR) capabilities, response to voice commands, can be used for sentry patrolling, and even has facial recognition. The facial recognition feature sounds the most interesting to me. You can create… Read More

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When we moved into our house back in 1999, we put up a 30 foot TV antenna tower so we could get the Indianapolis network TV stations for CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX 50 miles away. That was when we had a 65″ RPTV (rear projection TV) that took up a whole corner of our… Read More

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When we are researching for places to spend our vacation, I always ask Jeanne to make sure that the place where we’ll be staying has internet access. Because perish the thought that I take a vacation where I can’t get a little Gadgeteer work done too. We went on our last vacation knowing that there… Read More

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At least once a day I roll my eyes at an announcement for a new IoT (Internet of Things) gadget. Do we really need another toaster, refrigerator, or toilet that’s connected to the internet? Ok, I made up the last one… at least I don’t think there’s a toilet that’s connected to the internet –… Read More

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If you feel compelled to take your phone out of your pocket to snap pictures and record videos throughout your day, a device like the FrontRow camera might save you a lot of time because this camera automatically records your adventures so you can leave your phone in your pocket.  What is it? FrontRow is a… Read More

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I love watches, but I hate wearing them. And now that I carry a smartphone in my pocket almost 24/7, I don’t really need to wear a watch on my wrist. But if for some reason I did need to carry a dedicated watch, I would consider a pocket watch because like I already said… Read More

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Your pooch needs daily exercise just like you do, but walking your dog with a traditional leash means not being able to use one of your hands. The Lishinu dog leash has been designed to allow for hands-free use, making it much more convenient for both you and your dog. The Lishinu leash can be… Read More

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Hi Gadgeteers! You know what time it is, it’s that time of the week where I give you a list of everything that we posted this week on The Gadgeteer. Click through, take a look, and read all of our news and reviews that you may have missed. Reviews Logitech Slim Combo 10.5 inch iPad… Read More

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Here are our picks for this week’s notable crowdfunding projects that we think are worthy of your pledge considerations. The Action Jacket blurb by Andy Jacobs What is it? This sharp-looking, 3-season jacket is loading with technical features for fitness fans or just casual wearers. Why do I like it? I like the idea of… Read More

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If you have the available space, mounting your TV on a wall is a game changer when it comes to improving the experience of movies and TV shows. Mounting on a wall also keeps your home theater roomier and less cluttered. When we remodeled our basement several years ago, I made sure that we would… Read More

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Are clips or twist ties the best way to secure a bag rice, beans, coffee, cereal, etc? One alternative to consider is a Bag Cap from ROMMEKA. What the heck is a bag cap you’re wondering?  Bag Caps are two-piece lids for plastic or paper bags that are made of food grade BPA Free material. Each cap… Read More

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Can you imagine what the first humans thought when they were able to create fire for the first time? You can experience a tiny bit of that magic by harnessing the energy from fire to charge your gadgets. The FlameStower converts heat from a campfire into electricity that you can use to charge your USB… Read More

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