I’ve traveled extensively throughout my varied careers and learned a long time ago that if something is too large to be easily carried, it will ultimately be left behind for smaller versions. As a result, I’ve opted for the smallest, lightest weight devices I can lay my hands on, sometimes sacrificing higher quality. With balanced… Read More

Earhoox 2.0 review

If you are like me, headphones and earphones are a personal thing. I have several pairs of both but I have my favorites. One of the earphones I use a lot are the Apple EarPods that came with my iPhone. They work well enough, but one issue I have with the design is that they… Read More

Jabra just announced the first in a new line of truly wireless earbuds: the Jabra Elite Sport. Jabra promises these new earbuds will have great freedom of movement, excellent fit, strong battery life, sweat and water resistance, in-ear heart rate monitor, and advanced personalized fitness analysis. Like previous wireless earbuds by Jabra, the Elite Sport supports all major… Read More

Let’s get this out of the way:  I cannot wear earbuds.  Well, I can, but I simply choose not to.  I’m an over-the-ear kind of headphone fan.  But, tiny earbuds that don’t even have a cord?  Let’s see what this is about. The SmartOMI BOOTS is a set of Bluetooth ear buds that don’t require… Read More

I prefer earbuds to headphones because they are smaller and easier to carry around than a full-sized pair of earphones. While I like them better earphones, I know I’m not alone in having issues with earbuds falling out of my ears. If you’re a fan of Apple’s earpods which have come packaged with the iPhone… Read More

This January Bluelounge celebrates 10 years of simple design solutions aimed at cable organization by releasing an updated version of their very first product, the Cableyoyo (the original was reviewed by Judie Stanford right here at the Gadgeteer). The original was made of metallic-colored plastic, was square, had an adhesive to attach to a surface but… Read More

We’ve seen iPhone cases with built-in batteries, built-in multi tools, and even an iPhone case with a built-in charger with prongs that can plug directly into a wall outlet. The TurtleCell case for the iPhone 5, 5s, and 6, is an iPhone case with built-in earbuds. The TurtleCell case features built-in retractable earbuds with an in-line… Read More

I have owned many Bluetooth headphones and earbuds because I just hate wires.  Some of them have been pretty nice, and some of them have been a bust.  My favorite up until now has been the Arriva Leo, which I reviewed way back in 2011.   But in general, Bluetooth headphones suffer from two problems in… Read More

I have trouble keeping my earphones in my ears while working out and constantly have to reposition them which is indeed an exercise in futility! ;-) Decibullz Custom Molded Earphone Adapters are an elegant, inexpensive solution to this tedious problem. You can replace your standard silicone tips from earphones that have a straight nozzle with… Read More

There are cord controllers on the market that are designed to stop your earbud cables from coiling into a knotted mess in your pocket or bag, but most of them require you to wind and wind the cables around the controller.  Who has time for that?  With the StopKnot from RadTech, you just slide it… Read More

When my daughter first envisioned herself at college this year, she saw herself zipping around campus on her bike, listening to music as she rides to class with a cool wind in her hair.  She found out that it was hot and humid with no cool winds, the path was uphill on her way to all her… Read More

Stop me if you have heard this one before. You reach into your pocket, bag, or purse to pull out your earbuds and you come out with a wad of tangled and knotted up cable. Sound familiar? That’s how the idea for The Loop (earbud anti-tangling device) came about. Note: Images can be clicked to… Read More

When I picked up my first pair of Apple earbuds, I was very disappointed in how they kept falling out of my ears. Then Earpods came out, and since they had a different shape, I thought they would work better, but still, I had no luck. Sprng offered to have their Sprng clips for the… Read More

It turns out – who knew?! – that there are many products on the market to clip your earbud wires to your clothes. I haven’t seen any yet that are as sleek and simple as the Tamer from Tokkii. With the Tamer, Tokkii claims to be an all-in-one earbud solution for many aggravating issues that may… Read More

earhoox didn’t let an unsuccessfully funded indiegogo project stop them from bringing their unique soft silicone earbud attachments to market. earhoox are designed to fit over your existing round earbuds from Apple, Sony and others. They feature a flexible hook that tucks into the crook of your ear providing a secure and comfortable fit that… Read More