Pet Gadgets

If you share your home with a dog or cat, chances are pretty high that you have more than a few pictures of your furry companions. Regal Beagle will take those pictures and showcase them as artwork for your walls by adding your pets to famous paintings. Choose from 63 historical works of art like… Read More

You see people wearing all types of fitness trackers that track steps, sleep, calories burned, etc., but have you ever seen a cat or dog wearing a fitness tracker? Don’t roll your eyes because they exist and I’m going to tell you about the Paby 3G GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor which my cat… Read More

The Furbo Dog Camera is a fun way to monitor and interact with your pet remotely. At $249, it’s a little more expensive than most similar remote pet feeders, but it does have some extra features like bark detection, night vision, and a stylish design. The Furbo arrives in a nicely design box which displays… Read More

If you can’t bear leaving your little Muffin at home, then you may want to look into this U-Pet Bubble Pet Carrier. I’m not kitten, it’s the cutest and most functional pet carrier I’ve seen in a long time. Sure, there are carriers out there right meow that may have all the functionality, but not… Read More

Is it your understanding that dogs can’t see color like humans? I thought so too. But then I learned that dogs can actually see yellow and blue colors when I read about the CleverPet Hub which is a “gaming console” designed especially for dogs that uses color. This device has a treat dispenser that opens… Read More

For qauntified self junkies who not only want to track their own health stats, but also those of their pet’s, comes FitBark. FitBark is a small wearable fitness tracker designed just for dogs. Available in 6 colors, the FitBark tracker attaches your best friend’s collar and tracks Fido’s activity throughout the day. But unlike other… Read More

Many of us who own pets, consider them as our “kids” who just happen to be furry. But if that’s not you and you prefer to think of Spot or Princess as a fierce warrior, then these awesome samurai armor sets for pets is just for you… or actually your pet. Samurai Age is a… Read More

If you and your dog are tired of playing fetch with soggy and disgusting tennis balls, consider the 100+ foot ring launcher from Hurrik9. Co-invented by an actual rocket scientist, the HirriK9 is a fetch toy on steroids. The HurriK9 is a cross between a crossbow and a slingshot. Just load the ring, pull back… Read More

When man’s best friend gets scared due to thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, etc. you can’t just tell them to calm down and deal with it. For one thing, they don’t understand English and for another thing, refer to the first thing. Seriously though, it makes us just as nervous when our pets are nervous and… Read More

Telling your dog to smile and say cheese when you want to take his picture doesn’t work nearly as well as it does for humans. But now it can if you also have a Pooch Selfie. Pooch Selfie is a small plastic clip that has been specially designed to hold a tennis ball and mount… Read More

I don’t know who this cat is or how he or she leans politically, but this feline has my vote. My vote for the coolest pet house in the neighborhood! If you are tired of your puddy tat sleeping on your computer keyboard, it’s time that they move up to a deluxe Landmark Pet House from… Read More

Our canine companions (aka fur babies) are as important to us as our human children and as such, pet parents like to know where their dog is at any given time. We’ve seen Bluetooth enabled pet tags that can alert you when your pet leaves a designated area, but the LINK AKC Smart Collar looks… Read More

I love cats, and fellow Gadgeteer, Dave, has rolled his eyes over my cat stories more times than I can count. The one chore cats bring with them is cleaning the litter box. With two cats and a dog who is interested in what is in the litter box, we have to have the type of… Read More

Cats are independent and inquisitive little beasts. I often wonder where my cat Max goes when we let him outside and he comes back hours later covered in burrs and with leaves stuck in his tail. He also likes to hide in the house when it’s time to go visit the vet, leaving us to… Read More

The SmartBowl from Petnet helps pet owners adjust their pet’s nutrition based on breed, age, and activity. Paired with the Petnet iOS or Android app, pet parents create a profile for their furry baby with specifics including age, weight, and activity level. The Petnet SmartBowl will then let them know when they’ve poured the perfect… Read More