The Foursevens Bolt – Action Light ditches traditional tail cap or side switch for a sliding bolt mechanism. Featuring three brightness levels and four special output modes, the Bolt – Action Light is powered by two CR2 batteries that keep the CREE XM-L2 LED shining bright. The flashlight has a max brightness of 490 lumens… Read More

Sparkr from Power Practical is a 400-lumen flashlight that can be used like a traditional flashlight or a small lantern. But on the other end of the flashlight is a plasma lighter that uses an electrical arc instead of a flame. The flashlight has 3 brightness settings and is powered by a USB rechargeable battery. The… Read More

The Olight H2R Nova Flashlight is a powerful, versatile flashlight that functions great both as a handheld light and a headlamp. The design, battery life, and brightness of the $89.95 flashlight exceeded my highest expectations and it has quickly found its way into my every day carry kit. The H2R Nova comes in a very… Read More

Like any Gadgeteer worth his/her salt, I love, Love, LOVE flashlights! Even though the most common use is when walking the dog at night, I still like to have a light that can pierce the darkness at the push of a button. The Survival Hax Tactical Flashlight is very similar to many that you’ve seen… Read More

I may have a flashlight problem.  No, I definitely have a flashlight problem!  Why can’t someone make the perfect light? I believe there is no such thing because every situation calls for something different. This time, I get to try out the Mychanic Blade Multi Light, a rechargeable light that flexes to your needs. Weight: 1.4… Read More

I’ve become a fan of Olight products after reviewing their Olight S2R Baton flashlight last December and more recently the Olight H1R Nova LED flashlight. My favorite feature of both of these flashlights is their magnetic charging base. Of course, I really like the flashlights themselves too. They are made really well, have a bright beam that… Read More

Since I began participating in (and actually completing) GORUCK Challenges back in 2014, I’ve thought a lot more about headlamps than I ever thought I’d think about headlamps. I have one that I have worn for thirteen GORUCK events and for tasks around the house, and it has performed fairly well for me, but it’s starting to… Read More

At the end of December, I reviewed the Olight S2R Baton flashlight. I really like this flashlight because it has an easy to press button on the grip instead of the tail cap, and it uses a special rechargeable battery that charges through a magnetic USB cable. It’s quickly become my favorite flashlight, but now… Read More

LED Flashlights continue to multiply like Tribbles. The bright, clean light of an LED is so much better for working, wayfinding, or just searching under the bed between the dust bunnies for something dropped. Recently, we were offered a light from a new company for us, ThruNite. They have many different models to choose from and… Read More

A flashlight that is small enough for your pocket but casts a bright beam of light is an important part of everyone’s EDC. But the downside most flashlights is that their batteries always seem to be dead just when you need to use one. The Olight S2R gets around that problem because you can recharge… Read More

Back in 2012 I reviewed Wicked Lasers’ first generation Torch and in 2014 their second generation more polished FlashTorch. Both touted at the time as “the most powerful handheld flashlight in the World” and at a whopping 4100 lumens, they were wickedly bright, extremely hot, but rather large.  The designers at Wicked Lasers have recently introduced a… Read More

It’s just common sense that a good flashlight is hard to beat in the dark, right? But who actually has one handy when you need one? Nitecore thought about this and came up with the TIP flashlight, a pocket-sized flashlight designed to be attached to your keychain. This rechargeable aluminum flashlight is 2.39 inches long… Read More

I love products that can do more than one thing and the Kootek Tactical Flashlight is one of those types of products. First of all, it’s a flashlight that uses a CREE 800 Lumen LED that has 3 brightness levels, strobe, and beam focusing. The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable battery (AC adapter is… Read More

Nowadays, having a portable charger, or power bank, for your cell phone is not only a necessity but it also has to stand up to every day use and abuse. It won’t do you any good if your charger breaks from being dropped or if it gets damaged from water or moisture exposure. This is… Read More

As a driver, it’s your duty to be a safe one, and your job to avoid accidents. But what happens when you do get into an accident? Are you prepared for it? Can you make it out? No one wants to get into an accident, but they happen to the best of us. Being prepared… Read More