WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight review – A well made flashlight with challenges

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REVIEW – The WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight is a solid piece of hardware. It has some quirky features that use its miniature colored LEDs, but it shoots a 1400-lumen bright white beam and dials down to a moonlight dim for when a little light will do. It suffers from a couple of challenges. See if they’d be deal-breakers or no obstacle to you.


What is it?

The WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight is an LED flashlight with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged with a separately purchased charger.


What’s included?

  • WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight
  • Instruction sheet with microscopic text
  • Lithium-ion size 14500 battery
  • White silicone lens cover for area lighting
  • 2 extra O rings

Tech specs

  • Emitter: 3 pcs 90 CRI CSP LEDs and 3pcs real RGB aux LEDs
  • Tint: CSP 5800K/4000K
  • Battery: 3.7V, 900mAh, size 14500 Li-Ion battery
  • Dimensions: 71.5 mm (length) × 21mm (head diameter)
  • UI: Anduril 2.0
  • Automatic Stepdown: Turbo mode steps down to High mode automatically to prevent overheating
  • Electronic reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation
  • Automatic temperature regulation

Design and features

The WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight comes without a charger and has no charging port. The battery has no charging port. WURKKOS will sell you a charger for one dollar at their website. At that price, why not include it with the flashlight? They make other flashlights with charging ports. It’s pretty unusual to sell a flashlight with no means of charging its battery.

The 14500 battery seems a good one. My voltage tester reports 4.7 volts from the battery at full charge and it’s rated as a 3.7V battery.

A standard AA battery will fit the TS10 but will not power it on. It’s under half the necessary voltage required.

The TS10 has four color LEDs in the lens but they are dim and their purpose is unclear beyond maybe entertainment? They seem to be a feature without a purpose. No advantages or benefits of the color LEDs are mentioned in the marketing information on the TS10 at the seller’s website

The TS10 has a tailcap pushbutton switch and the tail-end is not magnetic.

Assembly, Installation, Setup

WURKKOS kindly sent a battery charger at our request after the flashlight had come. Once it arrived I charged up the battery and got the review underway.

The directions for the TS10 flashlight are among the most difficult I’ve encountered. First, the type size is tiny, and I’m understating it. Grab your magnifier. And the flow-chart style directions make my head hurt. Maybe it’s me, but my eyes glaze over at that kind of instruction chart. I could follow the ‘Simple UI’ directions but the ‘Advanced UI’ chart leaves me fairly certain I never found all the functions of this flashlight. I know 1C means one click, 3H means two clicks and a hold at the third click, and so on. But the arrows… This flashlight needs directions made of clear words, and they need to be large enough to read. 8 point type size, minimum.

The WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight flashes some of its colored LEDs for a few seconds when the flashlight is powered off. I never figured out how to alter the colors or flash patterns of the brief color display when the light gets powered off. I’m unclear on why that is a feature.



The TS10 is a bit small to hold traditionally in the palm with the thumb on the tailcap button.


I tended to hold the WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight this way for comfort and control.

There is a complicated button push sequence to set the LED color and/or flash pattern that exhibits while the light is off. I’m not sure why one would want flashing colored LEDs when the light is off, but it’s one of the features of the TS10.


I did leave the faint red LEDs on sometimes to aid in finding the flashlight in the dark. That function seemed to draw very little power over time.

To describe the button push sequences required to change the steady or flashing color modes of the TS10 would bore most readers to sleep and would recreate the instruction sheet. Come to think of it, it might augment the instruction sheet, but I’m not sure I’m even doing the button pushes correctly. I have difficulty finding a particular color mode. I’m sure among the swirling arrows the instruction sheet tells me how to change the color modes.

It’s important to note that the color LEDs are not bright enough to be a safety function suited for night running or walking, for example. But the white light of the TS10 is quite bright, even prior to its brightest setting. In fact, the performance of the three white LEDs of the TS10 makes the flashlight a useful tool.

This video demonstrates the TS10 ramping up from moonlight mode to turbo and back down to moonlight. I somehow found the function that ramps up or down the white LEDs with a button press and hold. I like this better than the traditional, pre-set brightness levels which vary with each button press but the TS10 can do either.

There are six strobe modes in the TS10; Lightning storm, Candle, Bike flasher, Party, and Tactical. I left the TS10 in Bike flasher mode for night walking the dog. This strobe mode turns the light steady on in a fairly bright mode, and adds a brighter double-strobe every second. The Party strobe alternately flashes the blue and red LEDs. Party on baby!

The Tactical strobe is highly irritating to the eye and could possibly work as an irritant to an irritator if you know what I mean. But don’t mistake this feature as a serious defense weapon.


The pocket clip has a sharp tip inside the inner curve of the clip that will likely abrade a pocket edge as the flashlight moves while clipped to a pocket. The TS10 is comfortable down in a pocket so I carried it that way. I left the pocket clip on to keep it from rolling off flat surfaces.


What I like about WURKKOS TS10 V2.0 flashlight

  • Quality appearance and feel
  • White LEDs are very functional with a good range of brightness levels


What needs to be improved?

  • The dim color LEDs seem unnecessary and have unclear functionality
  • Complicated, tiny print directions
  • Charger should be included
  • Refine the pocket clip so it will not abrade a pocket edge
  • If the color LEDs were omitted from the TS10 it could be cheaper, and a charger could be included


Final thoughts

WURKKOS makes other flashlights with charging ports. At least include a battery with a charging port. The dim-colored LEDs have no clear purpose and are complicated to operate. The TS10 grew on me when I ignored the color LED entertainment features, set dim red for always on, and enjoyed the excellent white light features.

Price: $39.99
Where to buy: Flashlightgo
Source: The sample of this product was provided for free by Flashlightgo and the company did not have a final say on the review and did not preview the review before it was published.

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