There’s a saying that “if it can’t be fixed with duct tape, then you’re not using enough duct tape”. Funny, but probably true. You just never know when a piece of this legendary fixer will come in handy, so why not make it a part of your EDC (Every Day Carry), with this keychain fob… Read More

You’ll relive fond memories of playing your favorite video games every time you walk out the door with the Keytendo video game console key holder rack from Suatmm. The Keytendo is a wall mountable replica of the classic Nintendo gaming console from the 80’s. The key holder feature two gaming controller connector fobs that attach… Read More

I am a big fan of Keyport’s key organizing products like their Slide and Pivot key organizers. I am always happy to hear when they come out with something new, so I was glad to receive an email announcing the MOCA 10-in-1 Multi-Tool for their Pivot key organizers. Designed to be used with the Pivot or a standard… Read More

Grovemade started out with bamboo and wood iPhone cases about seven years ago but since then, they have expanded their offerings to include new products like this new key ring made from a solid block of anodized aluminium. Unlike some carabiners that can pinch your fingers, the Grovemade key ring features a unique loop design… Read More

The Streamlight KeyMate USB is an IPX4 water-resistant flashlight for your keychain. It has a spring loaded clip so it hangs on your keychain just like a traditional key, but the blade of the KeyMate is the flashlight. It has a multi-function push button switch which shows the charge status of the 110mAh lithium polymer… Read More

Ever since I reviewed the Keyport Slide 2.0 over 3 years ago, I’ve been looking forward to the Slide 3.0.  Keyport’s products are like smartphones. They get sleeker and have more functionality with each version. I’m happy to report that the Keyport Slide 3.0 is here along with the new Pivot key organizer and I… Read More

Minimalist EDC fans will drool over the Quiet Carry Bandit Titanium keychain knife because it’s cute but useful. Small but capable and it won’t put a hurting on your budget. What is it? The Quiet Carry Bandit Titanium keychain knife is exactly what you would think it is. It’s a knife made of Titanium that… Read More

A while back, I reviewed the KeyMiK, a key holder/smartphone stand/carabiner from Ronin Energetics. It was a Kickstarter campaign at the time, and is now funded and fully delivered. (I can’t say that about some other projects I’ve backed! Still waiting…) They have a new project, the Quanta Clip, and this one’s going to benefit the… Read More

Kickstarter campaigns continue to come and go. I’ve only ever had one that did not get funded. I love being a part of the excitement as designers and makers go through the stages of learning and shipping. Recently, we were offered a carbon fiber multi-key holder called the KeyMik that is part of a Kickstarter… Read More

I don’t like putting keys in my pockets.  Since I don’t always carry a bag, I’ve been looking for a clever way to keys onto things.  But what if you could combine both?  That’s where the Fortius Arms KeyBiner Carabiner comes in. That’s right, a carabiner that actually holds your keys.  If you use a… Read More

I’m a huge fan of Keyport’s Slide key organizers and carried the Slide 2.0 for a couple of years until I began a minimalist phase and switched to something even smaller than the Slide. My alternative solution worked ok, but I missed the Slide. That’s why I was very excited when I found out that… Read More

Do you remember the Keybrid Keyring Key that I reviewed about 5 years ago? It was the marriage of a common house key and a split keyring. Amron Experimental, the same company who brought us the Keybrid is back with a new key-based product. This one is the Carabiner Key and as you’ve already guessed… Read More

The SVØRN Arcus carabiner keyring is a traditional carabiner with a futuristic alien style. It’s made from a light weight Zinc alloy with a Chrome Noir finish (black chrome). The Zinc material means that it won’t be as strong as steel, but that’s not really a problem because you don’t use the Arcus for climbing… Read More

The TEC Accessories Pixel is a very small flashlight for your keychain which has a 25 lumen LED and runs on four watch batteries. Should it be part of your EDC (everyday carry)? Let’s find out. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. Talk about a tiny flashlight, the Pixel is only… Read More

Have you given much thought about split keyrings? No? Ok, me neither. But let’s do that now. The split keyring has remained virtually unchanged in decades. That is until now. The HANDGREY KNOX is the keyring reinvented. HANDGREY is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and sent me one of their KNOX keyrings to… Read More